I Won't Complain

by Destiny

Father I come in prayer; upon my knees again,
To say "thank you" for being there; when i need a friend.

My prayers I wonder are you hearing these days?
Of course, it's just you work in mysterious ways!

I constantly feel stress; but try not to show it,
Perhaps I'm being blessed; and simply don't know it!

I accept this as a lesson; and I will never desert you,
And I will never question; but instead serve you.

Because you paid a price; with your blood being the cost,
And your life was sacrificed; and nailed upon the cross!

Because you were slain; I have this life you give me,
And sometimes have the nerve to complain; can you ever forgive me?

We often forget; you were once here on earth,
Also with a life of stress; except only worse!

For you were the first to endure; the "sword of labor,"
So we can rest assure; you're our "lord and saviour."

To you, we should all give grace; devote our lives in fact,
Because the problems that we face; you've "been there done that!"

So crying I won't bother; I'll accept the pain,
Instead I say "thank you father" in Jesus name!

I won't complain

I Won't Complain by Destiny

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