All Or Nothing

by Emotional

If only in due time; we could get it together,
An equation of love to find; that equals 4ever.

Little do you know; that I could do no wrong to you,
And each day I try to show; that my heart belongs to you.

Just because others might be in lure of me,
Doesn't give you the right to be insecure of me.

For you I would die; each day of the year,
And each time you cry; I'll catch each tear.

When will you ever know; what you mean to me?
Because this love can certainly grow; from what it seems to be.

Because of speculation and hesitation; from the both of us,
We have retaliation and vindication; because of no trust.

The question is up to us; whether to make this official,
We have possession of a love; with so much potential.

So my love, here it is; do you believe it's true?
And not to mention, the kids; for they need us too.

I'm so in love with you; so that calls for something,
The choice is up to you; all or nothing.

All Or Nothing by Emotional

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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