We're Having A Baby

by Destiny

Here's A Story Of Sample; Of A Woman And Man,
A Perfect Example; Of How Things Are Never Planned.

In The Beginning "Just Sex"; No Commitment At All,
Just Plenty Of "Good Sex"; Answering Nature's Call.

The Glory Of Lovers; Searching For A Monogamous Home,
Exploring Eachother's; Erogenous Zone.

Friends But Lovers; Is That A Task So Difficult?
Until One Of Discovers; Is More That Just Physical.

Perhaps Then It's The Woman, Besides, They're Normally Sensitive,
Searching And Seeking Something; Men Normally Can't Give.

Or Was It He; Who Used To "Mess Around" And Done Some Things,
But Because Of She, He Wants To Settle Down; And Make Her His Queen.

One Of Us Quest Stability; And The Other Just A Lover,
Now One Of Us Possess The Ability; To Hurt The Other.

Knowing This Intentionally; From Eachother We Don't Walk Away,
Hoping That Eventually; The Other Will Feel The Same Way.

But No Lesson To Be Learned; Let's Live A Lie Instead,
Now The Essence Of That Sperm; Has Fertilized That Egg!

We Both Realize Now; It's Just Too Late,
Sympathizing How; We Both Made A Mistake.

Both Not Mature Enough; To Learn,
That If You Play With Love Sure Enough; You'll Get Burned.

Never Believing; That Eachother We Would Need Forever,
Now Share In Conceiving; Eachother's Seed Together.

Since Mama Always Told Me; To Be A Man,
To You I Propose Thee; To Have My Hand.

               We're Having A Baby

We're Having A Baby by Destiny

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