Forever In Your Debt

by Destiny

There once a man and a lady;
His name was Keith; and her name was Katie.

For it was love indeed; they gave one another,
Two people believed; made for each other.

For he to she; was her "today and tommorrow"
Unaware that he; would someday bring sorrow.

The kind that she; would never forget,
A time that he; would forever regret.

What "lovewords"; could describe his/her age?
These two "lovebirds"; go back as far as third grade.

Both unaware; of the miracle to come,
That someday they would share; between them a son
What more beautiful thing; that two creating one?
The parents of a king; they would name Toyon.

Truly a blessing; in the making,
But the answer and question; is often mistaken.
Advantage of her love; he was constantly taking,
Camouflage with this so called "love"; he was making.

He was her first and only love; let me remind you of that,
His love was all she knew; she was blind by that

This man was a hoe; he'd make love to any,
What the woman didn't know; was that she was one of many.

Her life expectancy; then wasn't long,
A "heart broken" woman facing pregnancy; alone,
Life is truly a test to see; if you're strong,
Because somehow she gave breath to me; through a storm!

Now that I'm older I see; the life you faced was hard,
All you had was me; and your faith in god.

So strong and persistent; and you never had a child before,
With no aid or assistance; not even child support.

Truly quite something; on how you did it,
Courageous black woman; strong and committed.

Perhaps the life u gave me; I should give it back,
To compensate how you save me; and somehow pay you back.

The love you have shown; I shall never forget,
And let it be known;
I'm forever in your debt.

Forever In Your Debt by Destiny

© Copyright2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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