Hot Chocolate

by Daisy

On a hot summer day
He seduced me with his 
Icy cool confidence.

Butterflies like snowflakes
Fluttering softly inside.
Tickling and tingling sending 
Chills up my spine.

A proposition of pearls of perspiration pouring 
Precipitously from the pounding of our pulsating pelvises.

My cup, long barren and arid
Now filled to the brim with hot wetness,
Ready to mix it up with a serving of 
Hot Chocolate.

I called him Hot Chocolate because he was 
One tall drink of Hot Chocolate brotha,
Best enjoyed in small sips to savor the flavor.

I let the scent surround me, invading my senses.
The steam seeping slowly into my skin 
before I took a sip.
Slowly at first, then slurping and swallowing 
til I drank the last drop.
I licked and sucked the cocoa from the spoon. 

I couldnít resist the temptation of this tasty summer treat.
I returned for a heaping helping of him.
He warmed me from his head to my toes.

Beads of body fluids between us
Belied the beginning of a wonderful week.

He had been pouring his brand of liquid loviní into another cup.
I thought he was a single serve but he was a value pack,
One size serves ALL.
Well, Iíve had my fill
He thawed my chill.
Anyway, who needs Hot Chocolate in August?!

Hot Chocolate by Daisy

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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