Concrete Jungle

by Denny

In this urban habitat we create an appetite 
that big fish eats little fish even though that's not in our diet.
We discipline our minds to strive with information coming at us faster than ever, 
like the internet with cable module the thug slogan is do or die.
We have integrity and we have pride but do we have the characteristic traits 
not to get caught up in the descending.
Sex and violence carried us through the old millenniums but in the new, we justify it. 
I read the Bible and I see our society in the mirror image of Sodom and Gormorrah 
where we are impregnating hors and so called real men is being father 
to our nation they're catching back shot. 
The favorite saying now a day is "Yo that's hot as hell" but I rather be cool as heaven. 
So I don't confine myself to any social group or clicks, 
I show love and brotherhood to all godchildren.
As a thug, I wonder can I ever be as hard as the concrete beneath my feet, never!
Even our relationships is not built on love any more, 
strictly illusion with superficial intention of gaining something.
So we compromise our soul for the bottomless hole always trying to come up. 
It seem like the whole world is becoming street struck. 
So I get King James scriptures in crave into my heart instead of stigmatizing my luck, 
and I pray to god for peace of mind as I swing from vine to vine 
in these days and time of this concrete jungle.


Concrete Jungle by Denny

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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