Is It Love?

by Denny

Is it spring time, it must be,
because its something in the air that have my nose a flare,	
but I'm not angry.
Quit contrary.
I feeling on high, similar to cloud nine
will this feeling last forever or will it be temporary.

This is a positive four letter word 
not lust even though some people get it confused.
When in this make sure its mutual
or you will definitely get used.
Sexual relationship is the catalyst
but the option to choose one over the other seem negligent.

Hearts are usually filled with passion 
then combined which leads to flesh intertwine,
your mind seems elevated your whole sense a being seems escalated.
Some playas might hate it, but they can never discriminate it.
This is the reason why we are conceived, to the soul is how it received.
The whole world needs, just a little bit of it.
 Real love come in multiple degrees like:
parental, mutual, and even unconditional.
According to Saint John 3:16 
the greatest love all, is when God gave his only begotten son
now that's hard.
So I proceed through life atrocities and possible
I can be like Whodini, searching for that one love just for me!

Is It Love? by Denny

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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