A Woman Scarred

by Dennis L. Nelson

As I gaze into your eyes, I can see your soul's emptiness. Drained of love for love; scarred from love; Only disappointment and resentment remain. Games have been played on you like card tables, Fables told over and over again to point where Even before a word is spoken, It's a lie. Schemes have been pulled, dreams were sold And you've paid for them Receiving only nightmares sharing your pain alone. As I stare at you, every part of me wants to restore your trust, But I don't know what will happen between us. I am fearful because I may find myself paying for another man's crime, Doing another man's time; being sentenced for offenses I didn't take part in. Saying thing like, Babe I'm not him, let me show you, sweetheart please give me a chance to change your mind. Or, baby let's move forward, why you keep rewinding time; We're on the open road, why are you looking for signs? She may just close the door, Put on Sunshine Anderson's song, "Heard It All Before". I know I couldn't deal with that, But yet I stare, Wondering if I'd reached her before the "If I can't beat them, join them" stage. Amazed that someone filled with such beauty, Still carries so much pain. How could you give one man such power; Devouring your soul; leaving your with icebergs and blurred vision. When I see you, I see his shadow; Raping your of desire, chaining you to a cell; Covering your mouth so no one can hear you yell...I need love. Free yourself, As much as I want to help you love me, There's nothing I can do. I don't have those keys you look for, Those keys belong to you. Release yourself of preconceived notions, Begin floating on the wings of faith. Now, I'm not telling you to leave your door open, Just when someone knocks, look out the window and see who it is. If you don't like what you see, Then close the curtain and go about your biz. I want to see that light inside you glow; As for the pain you've been carrying around, Let it go.

A Woman Scarred by Dennis L. Nelson

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