by Dennis L. Nelson

Beauty in the true sense of the word,
Your body sings a melody of love I doubt cupid has ever heard,
From the depths of your soul to your surface burst with originality,
What I've seen in my dream was a vision,
But now I'm looking at reality,

A woman that walks her own walk,
Talks her own talk,
Thinks her own thought,
How blessed I feel to be in the presence of such loveliness,
You can call me a Jehovah because I know I've witnessed,
A sensation in its truest form,
You're the feeling that gets me warm,
The emotion after a couple's first kiss,
The pleasent thought in my mind,
The hug I get from someone I haven't seen in a long time,
To call you a dime would be low rating you,
To say you were just fine would be degrading you,
For you're on a level so high that even if you falls,
The winds of enchantment would caught you,
And you'd still float above them all,
Some doubt your true nature,
Saying what you present can't be real,
Envious of how men approach them like hood rats,
But approach youwith a gentleman like appeal,
Now your appearance is very capturing,
But whats in your heart means more,
I can look at you all day, dam your fine,
But what else could I say,

With you I would say,
I'm digging your personality like a grave,
I'm sweating your vocabulary and thought formality like a slave,
Your kindness has cured the blindness of my hidden rage,
You are like a compelling story full of glory,
Leaving me breathless from page to page,
You have been engraved in my heart like a tattoo,
Attached to my thoughts like bubble gum to a shoe,

I know by saying these things,
I can only bring you curiosity or delight,
Wondering if I'm your light,
Or just a dog trying to get a bite,
I know things seem out of focus,
but if you put on my eyes, I'll give you sight,
You'll see having one night with you is really not my drive,
I was hoping every night with you, for the rest of our lives.

Beauty by Dennis L. Nelson

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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