by Darcell Dann

It all happened the moment your eyes caught mine
though subtle I was, not to make obvious
the sheer joy I felt when your presence possessed mine.

I questioned Time, the moment I had a chance 
As to why now; why had I not the meeting of 
this beau in the time now past me.

No questions child, Fate stepped in and replied.
The time is here and he is now, sing the songs your heart
Writes; dance the moves your soul feels;
express the joy you have awaited.

You, my beau, may ask what is this joy that  I proclaim?
Have you not this experience before?
Am I truly He that you so passionately seek?

Allow me to express what I cannot explain;
I desired satisfaction and met wonder 
I envisioned comfort and feel happiness,
I sought compatibility and found your soul.

I look into your eyes and become as a shy maiden
whose Knight has come to whisk her away.
The moment I am wrapped in your arms
I feel like a woman, desired and loved.

When we are enjoined, you may be striving
for ecstasy and sexual pleasure,
But I, my dear, am loving you.

Our Love is defined in a way that only the heavens can relate.
This Love has not structure, for it is a gift.

If in fact this Love is designed to be mine,
Our hearts will write the story and our souls will narrate.

Untitled by Darcell Dann

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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