Life's Reasons

by Curious

I am a believer that everything in life happens for a reason. There I was walking around downtown on my lunch break. I was minding my own business, taking in the sites. I do mean sites; people around here are crazy with attitude and with how they dress. Anyway, I was walking along looking into shops, wishing I had some extra cash to get the bad ass nine west brown leather, snake skin print boots, when out of no where BAMM. I walked right into this guy, or should I say black Adonis. I stood there for a second just staring into his eyes, which were black as coal. The kind of eyes that would pierce your soul if you let them. The man standing in front of me was tall, milk chocolate, muscular, and bald headed. The kind of man you would think had an attitude because he knows he looks good. Knowing that I was the one who wasn’t paying attention, this Black Adonis apologizes and asks me if I am all right. I replied that I was and that it was my fault because I was more into the boots in the window than watching where I was walking. Since I had damn near knock the man down I thought I should at least introduce myself. I told him my name was Sydney. He told me it was a pleasure to meet me and his name was Anthony Adonis. Sike, his name is Anthony.

Anyway there we were standing on the corner of Connecticut and L just talking as if we were old friends who had bumped into each other. I told Anthony that I was on my lunch break and had to get back to work. He asked me if he could have my number because it is not often he meet a woman that he feels comfortable with right from the start. We talked for a few more minutes, I found out that we worked right across the street from each other. We exchanged phone numbers and I hurried off because I was already fifteen minutes late from lunch. On the walk back I just kept thinking that everything happens in life for a reason, so what was the purpose of this chance meeting. Was Anthony my Black Adonis I was hoping for?

A couple of days go by before Anthony decides to give me a call. He calls my office before lunch, to ask me if I have plans for lunch and if I would like to meet him. You know that I don’t want to sound anxious or sound that I was waiting breathlessly for his call, so I played it cool and simply said, “ok”. I told Anthony to pick the place and I would see him in about an hour. He decided on a restaurant called The Kozy Korner. Lunch was great, we were seated at a table for two with a window view. The food was great Anthony ordered steak and mash potatoes and I had grilled pork chops with mash potatoes. Everything was going fine. The conversation between us was good. We talked about our goals. I told him that I was going back to school to major in communications. My goal was to become a PR writer, journalist, or have my own column in a magazine. Of course Anthony was all into the tech world, he hopes to own a business one-day. He wasn’t quite sure what kind of business since the computer world was forever changing and expanding.

When lunch was just about over I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Boy was that an experience to say the least. The Kozy Korner bathroom was just like the restaurant, a corner. You open the door there was the sink. You open the door further and you hit the toilet. While in the bathroom I had a minute to think. Anthony was every woman’s dream, smart, stylish, sophisticated, courteous, and lets not forget fine. As I look in the tiny mirror, I had to ask myself what could he possibly see in me. I am average height, not big but not small either, and milk chocolate brown. Well, I thought, there is nothing wrong with me. I am a good person with a good heart and why can’t someone like Anthony fall in love with me. After my pep talk I decided it was time for me to leave the bathroom. I must have taken a while because when I opened the door there was Anthony. He asked me if I was all right. I told him wonderful, I just didn’t want our lunch date to end. In one quick second he grabbed me by my waist, looked me straight in my eyes. All I could see was desire. It was our first kiss. The kiss started out rough full of raw passion, then simmered to a kiss of pure desire. Anthony broke the kiss first, saying he felt that our first time should be romantic and special, not reckless and obscene. Smiling he said that reckless and obscene came second.

After lunch that day we talked every night. This went on for about two months, talking on the phone, meeting for lunch at different places, and nice long romantic dinners. I was still amazed that I had met someone who fit my description of a near perfect man. Then on Friday night we were sitting on his couch watching re-runs of The Steve Harvey Show, when Anthony came up with a great idea. Anthony asked me if I would change my weekend plans and go away with him for the weekend. He thought that since we had been getting to know each other for a while, it seemed the right thing to do since he had met his soul mate. All I could do was sit there with my mouth open thinking, hell yeah he is an exact replica of Black Adonis. I asked him where did he want to go, his reply was “Mountains”. Like kids we raced to his bedroom and started packing clothes for him. When we were done, we drove to my house to do the same thing. All packed and ready we were off to the mountains.

The drive to the mountains was enchanting and peaceful. Most of the way we rode in silence each deep in thought about our weekend adventure. I don’t know if it is possible to be excited and nervous at the same time but I was. Anthony played some smooth jazz for our trip and I laid my seat back, closed my eyes and slept. After what seemed like a few minutes but I know was a couple of hours, we had arrived. Anthony woke me up and what can I say breathtaking. I had never been to the mountains before. The snow covered tops, log cabins with smoke curling up from chimneys, and the smell of crisp cool air. Anthony checked us in, got the keys to our cabin, and unloaded the car. When I stepped into the cabin my mouth fell open, polished wood floors, ceiling to floor windows, large living room with area rug, fire blazing, and a huge country kitchen. The first thing I did was put my clothes in the master bedroom, kicked off my shoes, just got completely comfortable. Anthony came in and asked if I wanted anything to eat but since it was late I said no. A nice bubble bath in the huge jacuzzi tub would be enough. In the bathroom was a sunken bathtub with jets, surrounded by windows to view the snow cap mountaintops. As the tub was filling up with water and bubbles from my chamomile bubble bath, I lit several of the candles around the bathroom. Once, the tub was filled I turned off the lights and stepped in. Aaah, was all I could say, as I stretched out.

When I opened my eyes there was Anthony standing in the doorway with a glass of champagne. The nervousness I had felt on the drive up had gone and a new bold feeling came over me. I asked Anthony to join me, I had to laugh because the man came out of his clothes so damn fast if I had blinked I would have missed it. As he eased down in the water I told him to turn around so that his back was towards me. I took some of the chamomile scented water and began to massage his shoulders. He let out a sigh and rested his head on my shoulders. While I massaged his back, he began to work on my toes. I have never had a foot massage but damn the shit was the bomb. There we were in the jacuzzi under candle light, no music just the sounds of the jets. I reached around and started massaging his chest as he moved to massaging my thighs. As we were relaxing, Anthony tells me that he wants to make love right there in the tub. I was so in the moment that when he turned around to look in my eyes, I just grabbed his neck and started kissing him.

At first it was a hungry, can’t get enough of you kiss. Then we slowed it down. There was no need for more foreplay because all the massaging we were doing to each other had both of us hot and ready, standing tall. The next thing I knew I was sitting on his lap riding like there was no tomorrow. The whole experience, champagne, candle light, roaring fire, snow cap mountains, and light falling snow took me and Anthony over the mountain and through the woods. When we woke up the next morning, lying across the bed, the whole world looked different. We were now looking at world through lovers’ eyes. I rolled over, put my arm around Anthony’s waist and explained to him that I had found my long awaited Black Adonis.

Here it is a whole year later same mountaintop. The difference is that I am now Mrs. Anthony Adonis.

Life's Reasons by Curious

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