The Nation Which Shall Never Be

by Juan Antonio Cordova

"Rescue those who are being taken away to death;
hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter"

-- Proverbs 24:11

There is no doubt in my mind that America, the "nation under God", has gradually become an extremely callous nation. This is self-evident for instance, when the issue of racial equality surfaces. But what I have in mind is racial inequality of a different kind; a people not yet born. Yes, the nameless and defenseless millions which have been aborted "legally" in America. This is the nation that will never be.

Our insensitive and demoralized nation have chiseled in our laws that a Large segment of our future society does not have the "legal right to life". Abortion on demand, ladies and gentlemen, is an unnecessary and hideous evil. In passing the same can be said about racism. I predict that a time will dawn upon Our land in which abortion will be abhor with the same God given passion as Some of us abhor racism. It will take time; but it will happen. In the meantime Join others and me in spreading the message on behalf of the voiceless.

What has caused "the nation under God"; or better yet, the "nation above

God", to regard for instance, the life of dogs born after their kind of greater value than the life of an embryo created "in the image and likeness of God"? I urge you to ponder this question carefully. I submit that our society considers and views the "will of the stronger", in this case women as some sort of invisible law beneficial to some but detrimental to others; in this case the unborn; the nation that will never be. This defective reasoning will lead us into anarchy.

This mindset however, is not applied to other of Godís creatures: dogs. Please consider this: If you were to examine the law on animal rights in most States; you would read something like this: "No individual shall injure, maim, mutilate and kill any animal without justification". Yet, our educated and sophisticated society, pressured by the will of the" strong", has in fact, maimed, mutilated and killed" millions (in fact about 30 million since "Roe vs. Wade," 1973).

Itís mind-boggling when the life of a nation not yet bon is totally dependent on the will of the mother. Let me illustrate. My wife and I had a firs-hand experience in this type of reasoning as we visited a friend at a nearby hospital. Walking through the hospitalís corridor looking for our friendís room number, we notice a young girl 15 or 16 years old pacing nervously near the nurseís station waiting to have an abortion performed. My wife (mother of three) tried in vain for more than an hour urging her not to go on with it. Again, "her rights", her "will" prevailed adding another victim to the staggering statistics on abortion. You may recall that on July 1, 1976 the Supreme Court extended its original decision to affirm: * that abortions may be perform on minor daughters without the knowledge of their parents, and that women (whether married or unmarried) may obtain abortions >without the knowledge of the babyís father.

This butchering of the innocent must be stopped. Itís wrong and its murder on demand. Ask any Afro-American if he or she thinks racism is wrong. In racism, again, the mindset is "the will" of the stronger of the few powerful against the will of the many. And what will be the ultimate price this "nation under God" will pay for choosing death and not life? The blood of the innocent; the nation that shall never be.

The Nation Which Shall Never Be by Juan Antonio Cordova

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