Racism Examined and Rejected

by Juan Antonio Cordova

Racism, is an unnecessary evil of our society.Our friend Webster defines it as "a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Two important figures come to focus; Nietzche, in Germany, proposed the idea of the 'superman'. Hitler Appropriating himself of this diabolical idea, sold it to the Nazis, telling them that they were a superior race even to the point of dominating the whole world. This ideology led to the persecution of our Jewish brothers; committing Unspeakable atrocities against them too gross to even mention.

Alfred de Vigni, in his Diary of a Poet, 1834, wrote: "There is not one man who has the right to despise men". From the Christian perspective, to which I firmly adhere to, The Apostle Saint Paul said, "God.. had made of one blood all the nations of men" (Acts 17:26). The "one blood" here means, all men are equal in God's sight since "all" came from one man, Adam. This teaching was a blow to the national pride of the Greeks, who believed all non-Greeks were barbarians. This sentiment still permeates our modern society. A segment of our society (some whites) for instance, say that they are superior than other races. The Accumulative evidence that this view is held is so overwhelming that I need not mention any at this time. It is true, what wise Solomon said: "there is nothing new under the sun".

As a minister of the gospel, I will like to say that America is moving toward a "color-blind" society; but I can't. However, according to some studies conducted by some "experts;" the racial attitudes of white Americans towards African-Americans are improving. Let me personally illustrate. Six months ago, my wife and I purchased a house in a small town in Pennsylvania. A good friend who lives across the street that is Afro-American told us that he was infuriated when some members of a well- known racial group were openly distributing their bias propaganda. Their action, may I add, is protected by a well-known document called the "Constitution of the United States".(I almost said the Prostitution of the United States).

When such activities are taking place 10 minutes away from our house, its just too close for comfort.

Some people of our society still believe, (and always will), that "in the beginning of time", God (of course some "fools" say there is no God) created: The Sun, the Moon, all the planets, neighborhoods, schools,jobs and placed it in a gigantic gift box handed it to one race and said: "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth after your kind; enjoy everything I have created; never mind the millions of people in the rest of the world, everything is for little old you." To such dreamers I say: keep dreaming my friend, perhaps God will wake you up from your devilish pired nighmares and allow you for the first time in your life to smell the roasted and grounded coffee planted in by a Spaniard's hands in fertile hill in South America and served to you by an Afro-American at a "Chock Full of Nuts" in Wall street intersection as we sit next to you reading the latest issue of Ebony and El Diario.

Racism Examined and Rejected by Juan Antonio Cordova

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