Polarized by Race

by Juan Antonio Cordova

It was the 3rd of July on a hot summer day. The children have gathered around the flag: "One nation indivisible under God", our children pledged as the colorful flag of our nation finished its ascent.

From the third floor of my apartment I have a good view of the schoolyard, and can hear the laughter of the children. I'm able to see a diversify group of children.

From my window I saw the racial integration of the school. (Now thatís a plus ,depending on the beholder; remember "beauty is in the eye of the beholder").

Suddenly the word: illusion crossed gently through my mind. I ponder for a minute or so. The thought turned to just indignation as I see our children in their unblemished (yet) innocence rehearse for a few minutes around the symbol of our freedom for a lifetime of hypocrisy. I thought some more and bit my lower lip and pondered again.This pondering catapulted into this message:


America is a nation once blessed by our God.
Our forefather's vision was to be under God.
But the classes are divided with hatred and strife;
while we sing, "pledge allegiance" we live in a lie.


Our flag was is well colored;red, white and blue;
but beyond the symbolic we live just like fools.
!America the beautiful, America the great
has become a nation polarized by race!


The values and issues our forefathers sustained;
have long been abandoned and great is our shame.
The biases and stereotyping burning our souls;
has branded our conscience; our heart is so cold.


While we hold very dear Dr. King's exhortations;
we lack his ideals to end discrimination.
His message was peaceful; his ideology sound.
!My God, why do men still put me down!


!America, America don't miss your call;
to be the great herald of justice for all.
For a better America in God we must trust;
His invincible principles of honor and love.

Polarized by Race by Juan Antonio Cordova

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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