Journey On A Mist

by Juan A. Cordova

A Poetical Story of Life, Love Death; Treason and a new Beginning. 


"You found yourself in me and I in you; thus love was born
 Though many years have come and gone itís still the same
 The inner core of our romance has being unveiled 
 For time itself will eulogize that great event
 Not on the grave; nor in their minds but on the waves
  Inscribed in endless seas; carried by sail."
 ~ We left the shores the sea was calm;
 As we inhaled the summer enchanted breeze.
  Two beating hearts in unison unlike those fairy tales
  Those myths will end; they start in brains
 They have no souls they have no heart
 Like autumn leaves tossed by the wind, their doom is sure.~

~My love for you; your love for me; is nurtured every day
 It has a soul a well-placed heart forever is the same.
.its deep so width and so sublime; must be from above.
 Say what you will; never assume all this is puppy love.
If gold is to shine; is purified and tested by fire.
 The older is the wine intense the desire. ~

 ~"What is life?" she asked one summer night. And continued
. "Life is journey into eternity carried by a mist called time" 
 "If this is true let us prolonged the embrace
 as this mist keeps on ticking chasing to the grave.
 There, my beloved in eternity the journey commence.
 Once there, no mist, no seas, autumn leaves, letís dance. ~

~ Our journey continues into the conscience unknown
 Thousands of miles ahead of us in uncharted waters
 What will be inscribed in endless seas? 
 That life is an adventure searching for me
 its discerning the known in the unknown
 is beholding earthen my reflection in  Eve.~
  ~"Clay pot dwellers; curse not the potter
  He can release in one exhale''
  She surmised in details 
  Love her metaphorical expressions
  So intriguing and celestial~
~ She said good night and lay to rest
   Not I. So much to ponder in this quest
 "When will we reach the final shore?
  Being mastered; I do deplore
 Subdued by fate I hate
 Oh yes, she said, you're clay~

 ~Vivid impressions are in my mind
 a gentle burning in my heart
 As we experience a horizon
 I'm   the Earth; she the Sun
  Not an optical illusion 
  Two lives pulled to its core. ~

 ~The countenance of her soul
 Released its unsurpassed beauty
 She capture my heart in one glance
in rapturous romance;
I was conquered, good as gold.~

~Oh, my turtle dove, my love
The embodiment of companionship
Is imprisoned in your soul forever
It   beautifies   the panoramic
Landscapes of our lives~

~ The sea is rough; the night is cold
 But I do remember this   
Life is a Journey carried by time on a mist
And at the end we lay to rest by its kiss. ~

~Life is fragile, filled with anecdotal lessons
Particularly from natureís landscape
On a beautiful mountain range; 
Autumn leaves encircled the panoramic landscape of life.    
Relationships and its adversities painted with darker strokes.
Each leave must be left alone to fulfill their mission. ~

~The waves continues to rage
As we travel our destined journey:
! But, I have you my love!
The flowers are unusually dull this year;
And the fig tree did not blossom;
Neither there is fruit in the vines:
! But, I have you my love!
The birds have stopped their morning melodies
As they nurtured their young:
! But, I have you my love!
All our "friendsĒ and those with whom
We share our intimate secrets have said goodbye:
! But, I have you my love!
Death is near and it will visit our bliss;
With my last breath you will hear:
! But, I have you, my love! ~

~Time, an infinitesimal  fragment of Godís eternity 
Anchored in the inner chamber of every living soul;
Itís an hour glass submerged in the black hole 
The final frontier; to those who are dear
To those that are there; eons ago. ~

~Awaken by the majestic ruler of the day
As its beams of light pierced through
A tiny window in our cabin; yes darling
The ruler of the night; has been subdued
Itís the dawning of a new day.~

~ The ocean Breese is warmer now
Announcing that spring is in the air
 Is it not in our inner person as it?
Gives forth the invisible qualities veiled to the naked eye? ~

~Perhaps, itís an ensign, a promise, a seed in fertile
Soil unlocked by April showers freshness.
Resurrecting natureís dormant treasures: pines, roses,
 Apple orchards girded in a glorious pageantry of life..
Into peaks and valleys of our existence we go spreading our
Wings like mighty Eagles for greater flight and greater heights. ~

~No Remembrance of the cold winters behind us; but enjoying
Every second lifeís contrasts: a journey, repose, a mountain,
A valley, life, death. 	
Grateful for the arrayed of unselfish friends, which can only
Give once the harsh adversities of the long winter of life
Is far, far; behind us. ~

~As you travel thousands of miles on your mist
And if good fortune is on your side
Finding yourself in your beloved and she in you
You do know what the inner core of a romance is:
Untainted affection purified by a longing desire~

~The waters of a thousand seas cannot extinguish 
That love; once sealed and enshrined in the inner core
Is there forever as a holy grail
To those who love and are born to sail~

~Oh, but; treason, infidelity and lies
 Are the diabolical fruits left behind? 
As shattered dreams have broken many hearts
These vows breakers have no soul
Their hearts are cold and have no core~

~ Is nothing but! Mutiny on the	Sea
Mutiny on the Journey, mutiny on the mist
Are these the same who said ďI will; who said I do?Ē
Are these the same adorned in white?
   As many sang and wished them peace? ~

~They were born without the gift;
The gift?, Yes, the gift of love; the gift to love 
Is from above engraved in gold to those who know
To those who vow with marble words
In hearts of flesh and they are blessed~

~! Oh, so many embark the endless journey
With hearts divided; they are shortsighted 
Have yet to learn and be united;
Two affections twined 
! Oh, love, love sublime ~

Journey On A Mist by Juan A. Cordova

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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