The Ivory Tower

by Juan Antonio Cordova

Scene I

~Below the Earth~ The Pit

Deep in a crater looking cavern in the center of the earth a huge and impressive tower is been constructed.

"Work faster and harder"

Said Sarx, as he cracked his thirteen strand-whip in the misty and horrid pit.

Itís written in one of the mortalís chronicles: idle

hands are the devils tools".

Sarx roared in satirical delight as he whips the bear back of one of his thousands slaves shackled to a rusty chain.

Day and night, by the hundreds, souls in disagreement with

Sarx, are lowered "from the other side", as itís called, to labor

on the Ivory Tower. The Ivory Tower, is been constructed out of

stones hard as diamonds but cold and white as snow. Sarx, in-

Ingenious plan: to build a tower from the bottom of the cavern. His ultimate purpose is to be the Supreme ruler upon the face of the earth with thirteen of his most faithful disciples . These slaves, or paws, as Sarks prefers to call them, obtain such honorable position by doing his bidding. In Sarks gallery of shame appears: a man they called the Fuhrer. He gained such position, by been the one responsible for the unspeakable atrocities against the Jews. Itís estimated by mortalís computation that six million people were exterminated. Sarks call it ethnic cleansing .Krekuky, he obtained his honorable position by been resposible for the signing of the bill which made slavery of the Afro-American people legal. This explains in part why the Africans were brought in shackles to the American shores. Eleven others were also rewarded sits of distinction in Sarks governmental order . They too committed unimaginable atrocities against the human race. Jesus, however

spread a legacy of love and not hate. There is wisdom in this number. Thirteen is the number of rebellion, apostasy, anarchy, disloyalty,Corruption. These are Sarks chosen disciples. He taught them well and they learned his macabre lessons on bigotry, hatred, and racism. They excelled in all three. They too looked forward to the completion of the Ivory Tower. It will be the day of coronation for all. Sarks will be their King and Lord. But a day Of infamy for humanity.


Scene II

~Below the Earth~ More Slaves

"Sarks, another load of resistors have been lowered from the other side".

Yelled the Fuhrer.

"Excellent; make sure they are chained with the others. My Ivory Tower will be finished in a few months. Each and Every precious slave will learn, the hard way I hope, that integrity, content of character and equality are useless words used by those freedom fighters above. It will be one nation under Sarks".

Sarks and his thirteen pawns laughed hysterically it sounded as if it was thundering inside the pit. At that moment all thirteen men bowed in allegiance to Sarks as he held his whip with his right hand and cracked it in the air.

"Some fools in the other side continue to teach a ideology taught by a mortal so called Dr. King"

There is only one King and his name is Sarks; said one of his pawns.


Screamed Sarks.

"They too will be defeated. I will make sure that their singing will turn into mourning. I will stamp them out like flies I assure you.

At that moment one of his thirteen pawns stood from his kneeling position and said:

"Lord Sarks, how are you going to accomplish this; I mean, stamp out like flies?"

"Iím glad you ask my devoted puppet", Said Sarks with a grim in

his face .

"I will continue to raise worldwide leaders with callous hearts and who care nothing about other races but the Supreme one;

do you get my drift?"

One of the thirteen took a step forward and said hesitantly:

"What about the opposition your Highness, you know The Overcomers, The Freedom Fighters and all those so Called Civil Rights Activist?"

Sarks took three step forward and with his crooked index finger Pointing to the ground said:

"My beloved pawns, I swear to you this day that after my Ivory Tower has been completed we will be singing We have overcome, We have overcome."

The thirteen men began dancing around in a circle laughing hysterically. Sarks laughed and crack his whip on a pile of Rocks near by.

"Some of my devoted demons are working very hard at this very moment in every precinct and they will inspire some corrupt cops to give them the reward they deserve."

Scene III

~Below the Earth~ Sarkís Treat

Suddenly a giant screen appears. Sarks point his crooked finger and a news bulletin begins to roll of a group of police viciously brutally kicking and Afro-American. They all cheered in cheer Delight.

"Sarks, had we known you had this delicious treat for us I would have brought some popcorn". Said one the thirteen.

"Silence. I also have some important people on the other side working overtime to stamp out all religious superstition from the face of my earth"

"What do you mean?" Said on of the thirteen, the one the other twelve nick named Bigot (he was responsible for spreading the seeds of racism on other races).

"Are you my faithful pawns blind?" Said Sarks and continued:

"How do you suppose inspire my devoted and loyal atheist Mohare to band prayer and bible studies from almost every school room? I did. She used very effectively the argument of separation of religion and State. And now guns, knifes and immorality prevails.

Sarks, continues; "Who do you think was responsible for the Supreme Court ruling on abortion or Rhodes versus Wades?"

"You did"; said the thirteen in unison. As Sarks nodded his head in delightful agreement.

"We are the victors; they are the victims". Sarks laughter was so loud some of the men working by at the pit cover their ears.

"The World above will soon, very soon, know that the great Sarks will rule supreme. My ultimate intention is to create a new race; a superior race, an intelligent race. I, the great and Mighty Sarks will be King of All mortal. I, the great Sarks will pay every man according to his deeds. I, the great Sarks, will unify one race. I, the great Sarks will be the King of the universe"

Scene IV

~Suddenly ~ From Heaven

Suddenly, the pit began to shake and rays of light illuminated the dark and misty pit.

"Whatís happening Sarks?" Said the Furrier.

"I donít know, run for cover fools"

An angelic being all dressed in white girded to his feet began to descend slowly near the pit. He had a two-edged sword in his right hand. Across his chest he had seven precious stones on a pectoral (having the resemblance of a shield) with a word written on each stone. These were the words written: On the left side of the shield, these three words : Love, Peace, Mercy, right on the center the word Justice.On the right side of the shield these words written on on their respective stones: Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient. Each of these stones and their respective words represents am atribute of God, that is a facet of His holy character.

God possesses inherently each on of these characteristics; whereas, His creatures before His majestic throne exhibit part of Godís character. In other words, God does not have love, peace, grace etc. God is love, peace, grace etc. Only the Almighty has this. As the angel spoke each stone shined displaying beautiful colors similar to a rainbow. The love stone sparkled and an atmosphere of love prevailed in our midst. It felt as though liquid love was been poured in our hearts. The peace stone sparkled next and a sense of tranquility was experienced by all. The mercy stone sparkled and some of the slaves especially those which have suffered many trials in life began to weep. Suddenly the three

Stones to the right began to shine in unison and a sense of Godís Omnipotent, Omnipresence and Omniscient overwhelmed us.

Suddenly, the stone with the word justice in the middle of the angelís shield began to glow.The messenger of light began to wave His two-edge sword. He flew swiftly towards the chained slaves. The sound of broken chains was heard all over the pit as the salves leaped with joy and utter disbelieve . The Angel of light began to move very fast around the ivory tower As it began to crumble to the ground. Sarks and his confederacy looked on petrify in disbelief as their ivory tower tumbled to the ground. Sarks and His thirteen men ran inside a tunnel

near the crumbled tower.

"They are getting away", Yelled the freed slaves.

"No theyíre not"

Said the messenger from heaven as he took the longest piece of the rusty chain and followed them into the tunnel. In less than a minute he returned with his thirteen captives all chained up. The freed slaves gave a thunderous applause.

"I will show thou what shall be the fate of all who raise ivory towers against humanity. I will give thee a message of peace and hope to carry above. At this very instance Sarks has thousands open the earth spreading his seeds of bigotry and hate upon all races. It is imperative that thoust hearken to my voice. What I tell thee in your ears thou will shout it from the mountain tops.

Scene V

~Into the Abyss~

The angel of light began to flap his mighty wings as the radiance of light inundated what was once a dark and misty pit. In one hand he held his two-edged sword and with the other He held His thirteen captives. Sarks and His thirteen men screamed helplessly as the angel began to ascend. In a matter of seconds the angel returned to the pit empty-handed.

"I have deposited this reprobate in a place called by my Superior "The Abyss". There, they await many others who live and will die with an ideology of hatred towards their fellowman. They will all pay for the King of the crimes,the crime of believing that the Almighty created His heaven and His earth for one particular superior race. They have fallen in the snare set for others. They will soon be tormented in a great lake of fire and brimstone. Their doom is certain, saith the Almighty.

"The messenger of light placed his glistened sword into its sheath.

"Let all the inhabitants of the earth know from this day forward, that all racist, exclusionists, bigots, and whatever they choose to call themselves, will one day pay for the insanity they committed against Godís races. Soon, thou will depart from the horrible place and a message thou will surely proclaim on land and on the sea. I urge you to love one another with kindness. Follow not the legacy of the Superior race fools. In the beginning of time, before the world was fashioned by my Superior, the Lord Almighty willed to create a vessel out of the dust of the red clay. Adam was his name. From this vessel of clay takes name of the Family of the earth, regardless of color or race. Every person Upon the earth can trace their origin to Adam. Suddenly corruption entered into the heart of Sarkís father, the Evil one, that Old serpent the Devil. Unable to be a match for the Almighty Lord He was cast out to this earth. He deceived the Lordís vessel of clay and the end results has been hatred, disobedience, pride, murder, abomination and lies. But, the Lord Almighty has a superior plan, a master plan. Millions upon millions will hearken to His voice and commandments will abandon their selfish ways and become one as in the beginning of time. The mighty weapons against Evil is not hatred itís love. Behold, at this moment the river of Godís love is been poured out into your hearts."

A rushing wind was heard in the midst of the pit and again we were sumerged in His love.

Scene VI

~On the Earth~ The Mission

"Come little children".

Said the Angel.

"Letís depart from this horrible place.

At that moment the Angel removed His shining sword from its sheath and began to sway it to the right side of the pit. A beam of light began to flow from the sword. He pointed it to the side of the pit and a huge opening was made. We saw some light and fresh air began to blow from this tunnel.

"Come little children, follow thou me"

Said the Angel in a very tender voice.

We began to follow the Angel as he lead the way out of the pit. The freed slaves sounded like an army returning from war. Some laughed; others cried. Finally, we were all out. We found ourselves in the midst of a garden of indescribable beauty ; with an array of diverse flowers and all kinds of trees blossoming. The Angel of light again used His Mighty sword waving it towards the huge rock at the mouth of the tunnel. The rocks began to melt. And like the lava of a volcano it poured and sealed completely the pit. The Angel placed His Sword back into its sheath and said:

"Come little children incline thy ears. I will instruct thou with a message thou will carry from this place.

The Angel waved His wings and hands calling us to get closer.

I have brought ye to this garden; varied as ye can see
To instill within thine heart lessons vast as the sea.
Ingrained within each mortal is the freedom to love or hate;
I urge ye before Almighty to love and never hate.
As a multi-colored attire is the entire human race.
Each piece is interwoven by a beautiful scarlet thread.
This beautiful scarlet thread is symbolic of Godís only Son
Whose mission was to unite when at the cross sin was undone.
Remember His old commandment which forever will be new
Your love will be refreshing like the fragrance after the rain.
This message ye must proclaim to every nation to every tongue
Racism and its proclaimers must be rejected in every form.

Suddenly a rushing wind was heard coming from the North; And a great chariot engulfed in flame began to descent removing The visitor from heaven from our midst. Within seconds the chariot And the angel disappeared from our sight. His message burns within Our hearts. We know the task that only love can make us free at last.

The Ivory Tower by Juan Antonio Cordova

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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