The Ebony Chest by the Sea

by Juan Antonio Cordova

			      A poetical metaphorical story

		Alone by the seashore as a new dawn approached
		I walked in the cool sand contemplating the sea.
		The Bright and Morning Star announced a new day
		I saw  heavens open and heard a great sound
		It sounded like thunder; but how can this be?
		The sky was very clear as far as I can see
		The stars were still visible  and countless as  sand.


                A great shinning object began to descent;
		it glistened on the ocean, the mountains not far
		Its brilliance got brighter it shined through the sky
		intrigued by its radiance I utter a prayer:
		!My God, is this real or only a dream?


                It came down near me with the grace of a dove;
		With great trepidation but I wanted to see;
		This mysterious object which laid by the sea.
		A beautiful black chest which glitter like gold
		Secured  by a latch, but where is the key?


                Before I could reach it and know what it was
		Across the horizon I saw a great light
		An angelic  being  all dressed in white
		In awe exuberance I fell to ground 
		The being from heaven began to speak loud:

                “I’ve come with a mission for thee and thy race
                and  for all other races for in God all are one;
                I have seen the affliction thy people endured
                from all the taskmasters, their fate is secured”.

                Overwhelmed with emotion I begin to weep,
                As a little baby on her mother’s knee.
                The angel moved towards me and with only one wing;
                he covered my body; it shook like a leaf.
                The angel continued his message to me
                In his other wing he carried a key.


                “As part of my mission I give thee this key;
                it will open the black chest thou will know what’s within”.

                I stood from the ground covered with sand;
                My knees were still shaking; how can I stand?
                The angel from heaven held me with his wings;
                As joy overwhelmed me without and within.
                With much hesitation I opened  the chest
                Its six walls were covered with the finest gold;
                And inside I noticed a very  precious stone.


                “The hour has come for my mission to end
                I will unravel the mystery to its very end”


                The angel continued and I was impressed
                He revealed the mystery this is what he said:


               “The black chest from heaven which lays by the  sand
               represents all mortals on the face of the earth;
               regardless of culture regardless of race;
               I know thou are puzzled with reasonable doubts:
               Why the chest is black?, I will tell thee now”.
               “Just look at thy skin and see they’re the same
               But beyond this small planet everyone is the same.
               Look very closely the dimensions of the chest,
               Six is the number of the human race.
               Six feet is its width, its depth and its height;
               The breath of Almighty gave men their life.
               !Behold the color is black as thy  skin;
               this chest was created from an ebony tree.”

               “The walls of this black chest are all made of gold
               and this is symbolic of your eternal soul.
               The soul is the center of the emotion and will;
               Tender as an infant or willing to kill”.

               “Before I depart above to my home;
               the gem and its meaning must be unfold.
               The gem is a jasper; a diamond indeed;
               The size of your heart as thou can see.
               This stone is symbolic of the spirit within
               Buried underneath thy soul and thy skin.
               And now that my task has come to an end;
               the secret was revealed of the chest by the sand”

               Dumfounded and speechless I fell to the ground
               The mysterious chest its secret unbound.
               The angelic creature with  garments of light
               Extended its  right wing and great was its might
               and in just a few seconds  I stood by his side.


              “For this the great Master has send me to thee
              to reveal the secret of the chest by the sea.
              Before I depart this world marred by hate
              I will give thee a message for the human race:
              Thou will depart from this seashore and travel
              Northeast To teach all thy people for great are her needs.
              Behold this great message is now in  thy mouth
              For those that are free for those that are bound.
              The burden to spread it will burn in your heart.

              Teaching all races to love and not fight.
              The skin of thy brother may be white or black
              Remember the content of the ebony box.
              The black chest which glistened  and lay by the sea
              Is the eternal lesson thou will teach.
              Begin with thy children and those that are old
              For they too are black chest but within is the gold.
              If thouest will follow and keep all my words
              Thou will be a victor who has overcome”

As soon as the angelic host finished uttering the Word overcome, the ebony chest began to glisten even more than in its descent. The brightness was so intense, that I was forced to close my eyes. When I opened them , I had lost my vision. For a few minutes, I stood in complete darkness, I heard the sound of what seems like a storm. Gradually, I regain my sight. The wind increased in intensity. It had the appearance of a whirlwind it sparkled with brilliance as it spunned. It had the appearance of a giant funnel. Suddenly, it began to raise the ebony chest from the seashore. I was amazed to see how the whirlwind whirled without whirring the ebony chest as it raised through the whirlwind without spinning. Suddenly, the visitor of light began to flap his powerful wings. He followed the ebony chest. I lifted my eyes in total amazement as It departed in the same direction it had descended. I heard the sounds of many trumpets as I beheld the entire phenomenon. I also heard the sound of a powerful thunder which shook the ground I stood. The coolness of tiny raindrops began to fall refreshing my skin.

Within seconds, the most gigantic rainbow appeared. The rainbow encompassed the entire range of the mountains not far. The majestic rainbow sparkled as it exhibited its multicolored array. It spoke, I mean not with words but it certainly spoke to me in the manner its seven colors glisten.

This became apparent, when each color began to glow. White first followed by green, black, red, yellow, blue, orange and purple. I noticed that every time each color glowed to alternately radiate the center color which was black glistened with the same radiance as the ebony chest. I understood this to be its meaning.The beauty and its brilliance is beyond my description. The funneled shaped whirlwind continued its ascent as it made its way to the center of the rainbow. It thundered again; and my heart was beating son fast I thought I would die. All the time, I was able to hear the flapping of the angel’s wing as it rose through the whirlwind. It thundered for third time.The majestic being spoke for the last time. What amazed me was, that although the angel was very far from the seashore by now, I heard clearly and distinctively ; he said in a loving and tender voice:

“Martin”, upon uttering my name, it echoed through the mountains not far.

“Martin”, said the angel for the second time. His voice echoed through the ocean causing a giant wave whose fury died as it reached shore.

“Martin”, he said for the third time and continued: “A legacy of love and non-violence has begun. Remember, the content of the ebony chest by the sea, !Peace be with thee and thy race”.

Within seconds, a sense of peace and joy overwhelmed me. I wept uncontrollably .Again, I was alone by the seashore, and with every fiber of my soul I knew that a new dawn had approached.


I Dedicate this work to: Mrs.Willie-Ramirez. She was The hand God used to encourage me to write what’s in my Heart. !Thanks, Willie. Thanks, Memphis. And to all the great people at Timbook2.

The Ebony Chest by the Sea by Juan Antonio Cordova

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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