Freedom Behind The Prison Bars.

by Cordelia E. Thomas-Campbell

What ever I did, it wasn't worth it at all.
I now find myself behind these prison bars.
It hurts, just to know I am here.
What I did wrong, now my heart is full of tears.
I have to make best of this situation I'am in.
Write a letter, send a message to my sisters and brothers outside.
In hope that they would wake up and realize,
there's nothing on this earth, worth having your
freedom taken for.
It just might take my letter for them to read,
to get a rude-awaking and stay free.
As for me, I'll stay here, and do the time for my charge.
But what I've come to realize is Jesus-
Christ who is in charge!
You see, he's the one who can loose the shackles
and set me free.
Not just from prison bars, He has set my heart free.
Free for me to know right from wrong.
Sense enough to know, prison is where I don't belong.
I now know the real reason I'am here.
I've met Jesus Christ, 
and I can feel his spirit in the whole atmosphere.
Thank you Lord! Although I am bound.
I've met the precious gift of God!
It's Jesus-Christ I've found.
Even if my physical body is bound.

Freedom Behind The Prison Bars by Cordelia E. Thomas-Campbell

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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