Altered State

Altered State

by Constance M. Williams

Sullen is my name
but that doesn't speak to who i am
what's in a name you ask
me for now
Sullen that's my name
tears drench my face
and my heart's in a race
against what i don't know
pounding as though
begging to be let out
i can't give in 
if i do they win
Sullen that's my name
existing in a reality 
of someone elses choosing
for the moment i am powerless
angry at me for choosing to be here
Sullen that's my name
i'm congregating with fear and doubt
we're comfortable here
'cause the world's out there 'at risk'
i feel us giving in
We want to fight with all our might
for what belongs to us
Freedom... Security... Liberty...
but it's not easy
the courage needed is buried under 
a pile of smoldering rubble
and we can't see what's supposed to be
we can't see beyond the devastation
that gave us these aliases
Sullen... Fear... Doubt...
As we congregate we decide to integrate
and become one
pooling our strength to win this battle
to reclaim our given name
Don't let us give in
Don't let us give in
Don't let us give in
if we do they win
And that's not an option


Constance wrote "I am a Flight Attendant. It was
very hard for me to return to work. As strong
as I'd like to think I am, returning to work was
a hurdle for me. But I did it. I am not a poet
but I am a writer because I write and writing
is saving me. I decided to chronicle my progress
because when it's all said and done I believe
I will be proud of me and humanity.
Peace and love in words."

Altered State by Constance M. Williams

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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