Understanding My Beauty

by C'Moore Productions

I see you looking 
          at me with that look of admiration and confusion I have come
          to know so well.

I see you struggling 
          to figure out what it is about me that won't allow you to look away.

I see you trying 
          to pin point the physical trait   that is drawing you
          so strongly to me.

I see you comparing 
          me to the type of women
          who USUALLY grab your attention.

I see you noticing 
          that you aren't
          the only man noticing.

I see you getting 
          frustrated because
          you can't figure out why you think I'm so beautiful.

Well Baby, 
    Let me help you out... 

It's not my face, you've seen much prettier I'm sure. 
It's not my make-up, I don't wear enough to really make a difference. 
It's not my hair, it's nice but plain. 
It's not my clothes, lots of other women dress nicely. 
It's not my body, I don't have the kind of measurements to be considered "fine". 
It's not my smile, it's warm and welcoming but not unique enough to stand out. 

You see, 

It's my confidence, the way I don't seem to care whether you look or not. 

It's my humbleness, the way I acknowledge my flaws rather than disguise them. 

It's my honesty, the way you automatically feel it's okay to trust what I say. 

It's my tactfulness, the way you never have to worry about your feelings being hurt. 

It's my submissiveness, the way I quietly allow you to take charge and be a man. 

It's my aggressiveness, the way I go after the things I want in life. 

It's my intelligence, the way I think deeply and articulate clearly. 

It's my naivety, the way I am willing to let you teach me the things I don't know. 

It's my integrity, the way I show you that I will always do the right thing
and the way I expect you to do the same. 

It's my naughtiness, the way I am willing to let go of my inhibitions sometimes. 

It's my sense of humor, the way I bring out the "silliness" in you
and the way I make you laugh. 

It's my thoughtfulness, the way I comfort you when you are hurt,
encourage you when you are strong, help you when you are weak
and motivate you to do things you never thought possible. 

It's my loyalty, that special way I make you feel like you
are the only man alive when I am with you. 

It's my independence, the way I have my own place, my own ride,
and I pay my own bills.
The way I don't ask YOU to do the things I should do for myself.

It's the way I have a life of my own so that I don't feel the need
to "sweat" you when you are doing things that don't involve me.

Yes, I'm beautiful. 
     I have the kind of beauty that does not 
     fade with age or 
     change with trends. 

I see you looking, 
trying desperately to figure out why you      are so attracted to me. 

Baby, allow me to let you in on the secret to understanding MY beauty. 

Look at me with your heart first. 
Then, look at me with your eyes. 

Now, Ain't I the finest woman you've ever seen? 
And, Don't you FINALLY understand why? 

Understanding My Beauty by C'Moore Productions

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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