Advice To My Sistas

by C'Moore Productions

It doesn't pay to fall in love with someone
who does not love you back.
All the love in the world given by one person
and not returned by the other
will someday be equivalent to hate anyway.
The more you try to give, the more you are taken for granted.
The less they give, the more they expect to receive.
They may never come right out and tell you that they don't love you.
But for some reason, you always, already know.
Even though you try to dismiss the fact with "hope";
it doesn't change anything.

Sure, they'll let you hang around for as long as you would like,
as long as it doesn't inconvenience them.
See, they need you to feed their egos and they know that you will.
They're used to you doing whatever it takes to please them,
Because you always have.
They know that your biggest fear is to find yourself alone.
They knew that even before you did.
Their whole game is possible
because they realize your deepest insecurities.
You're smart enough to know this, but not brave enough to care.

You compromise without question
because that is the number one unwritten
rule of a one-sided relationship.
You keep the peace at whatever cost
and you give expecting nothing in return.
That's why they let you hang around.
You understand the rules and you rarely question them.
When you do get up the nerve to rebel,
you are easily intimidated by a harsh
tone or unwilling spirit.
Your self-esteem is so low that you can easily be led to believe that you
are the one who is constantly being irrational.
You're the one who is not willing to forget about the past.
Even if the past was just yesterday.
It doesn't take long for you to accept their accusation of irrationality
because you realize deep down in your heart,
You are the one unstable enough to pour every ounce of love that your heart
has ever known into someone who only loves you when there is nothing better
to do at the time.
So see, it's easy for you to internalize the blame.
And because they know you'll accept it, they create new "blames" to place on
you every time an uncomfortable discussion emerges.
Something, anything, to make you feel stupid for bringing the problem,
concern, or suspicion up in the first place.

Every now and then, when they can see that the ice is wearing thin.
When they can tell that you are just about fed up with the funky attitudes
and crazy moods,
When you've had just about all you could take of the lies,
infidelities, and humiliation,
When they sense you've grown weary of the disappearing acts,
When they suspect that you might finally be coming to your senses,
Then, just briefly, they love you again.
Just long enough for your insecure heart to jump at the chance to try once
more to make it work.
Just long enough for your forgetful mind to erase all the other times they
didn't really mean it.
Just long enough for your weary soul to take another minute to rest.
Then, before you know it, the "honeymoon" is over and you're right back
where you started...

Eyes full of tears,
Heart broken into a thousand pieces,
And a tormented mind trying to figure out what you'll do differently next
time to make things better.

You have to listen to me when I tell you...

You must never fall in love with someone who does not love you back.
The damage is far worse than you realize.
See, when someone comes along who really wants to love you right,
You'll be so used to heartbreak,
You won't even remember what true love is supposed to feel like.
Or worse yet,
You'll realize that you've never felt it.

Advice To My Sistas by C'Moore Productions

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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