by Cipriana D. Thompson

I'm not angry,
just disappointed
since we were anointed together
whether you'd be there
wasn't a question
At least it shouldn't be.
But see, somewhere along the way
the days got longer and 
you only came over at night
And the daily fight became my own
Yet I still loaned you my All.
took the fall for your absence
But I got up again.
driven to fend for what's Ours
Even when the stars are out of reach
I teach them to stretch
to catch their dreams
even though it seems I have no
time to sleep 
cause I'm forced to keep your promises too
New lies have you deceived,
believe that Queens are too tough,
rather not rough it out
with us
but we still Want to trust you
Must you
act like it's right
to choose flight over fight?
And despite that fact, we Still got your back.
Ever-present, I'd shelter you from the rain
even if you wouldn't do the same
for me
See, if I lived for reciprocation
our nation would crumble
fumbles are mine to recover
discovered that I can win at 
solitaire even when the dealer's 
yet I still dare to care
even though I sometimes suppose I'll get
more support from control-top pantyhose
But this rose could still grow
between a rock and a hard place
God-given grace
to maintain this pace
and smile in the face of adversity
though it occurs to me this is no laughing matter
while your endless chatter is laced with
excuse after excuse after excuse...
I still Refuse to give (you)/up/(on you)
I'll make this impossible, work
eat with a spoon if there's no fork
uncork your potential
inconsequential is all the rest
and I try my best 
to continue this quest
while I question if I'm Crazy
for hoping you'll amaze me
and return to fight these days with me
and still the nights you'll stay with me
and say that it's OK for me
to lay down and rest easily
cause now You got My back for me.
Maybe it could be?
Or maybe I could be
hopelessly hopeful
or hopefully hopeless
not sure which is best
or worse
Of course
I'll endure
to ensure
what's mine and yours
and perhaps you'll properly
take part
But, if you don't...
I won't stop
Loving you
(cause that's just what I do)
and somehow still I believe that you will too...

Eventually by Cipriana D. Thompson

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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