Yo Dawg They Beatin Us!

by Cinque Brown

WE: “Yo US”, did you hear that “Cleo X took his whole paycheck
and brought the phat platinum and diamond Jesus Chain” ?

US: Nah WE, I aint hear nuthin about dat but I did peep him in Lumumba’s
Range Rover yesterday with something shiny on his neck..

WE: “Lumumba’s Range Rover”?!!??!!

US: Oh yeah, you aint know .He sold his store so that he could get it.

WE: Damn man that’s crazy, I guess I been missing all the 411 cause I spent
all week telling Sis. Assata that she should remove the breast implants.

US: BREAST IMPLANTS???!!!! Say it aint so dawg.

WE: Word life kid. Her man Mfume gave her the loot for the implants and some
greenish blue contact lenses. She been rockin both for like 2 weeks now.

US: I thought they had  broke up?

WE: Nah, they still together but she said “only cause the baby is one month
old” but after he reaches one year old she is “bouncing on him”.

US: What’s  da deal  on that, she tryin to do that shit on her own? Don’t
she realize that her son Future, need both parents.

WE: She said she realizes that.But she aint worryin cause  Mfume will
provide financially for she and Future but its just that he’s hangin out a
lot with the Homo Thugz  drinkin Kristal down at the remodeled club called
“Imperialism and Capitalism”.

US: But yo  Playa, I am gonna holla @ you lata, I gotta go change my gear so
I can go to that kid funeral.

WE: what kid, Who died?

US: Oh you aint hear. My homeboy Revolution died last week he got caught in
a crossfire. Police still aint caught nobody so watch ya back cause right
now, EVERYBODY is a suspect.

Yo Dawg They Beatin Us! by Cinque Brown

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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