I Was Thinkin'...

by Cinque Brown

Yo girl I was admiring you from afar,
checkin you out and I was

I was thinkin' you must be educated til I seen
you drop that candy wrapper on the floor
now I m thinkin'  ...... heck nobody's perfect.

I was thinkin' how sophisticated you was
til I heard you cussin out loud about how late you was runnin
now I'm thinkin' ........... it must be a bad day.

I was thinkin' you had dreams
til I heard you, tell your girlfriend how rich he had to be
now I'm thinkin' .........I shouldn't be all in yall's conversation.

I was thinkin' you was sexy
til I noticed you had no panties on underneath your mini
now I'm thinkin' ......... it is very hot outside today.

I was thinkin' you must be married
til I noticed that the gold and diamonds was in your mouth
not on your hand
now I'm thinkin' ........ she probably waitin for Mr.Right

I was thinkin' ........don't judge a book by its cover
now I'm thinkin' .......... definetly NOT my type.
That's ALL I'm thinkin

I Was Thinkin'... by Cinque Brown

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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