Romantic Poetry

by Cinque Brown

In Grade School, I was scared to step to you.
But I finally got up the courage to do, what I had to do.
My bravery you approved, but my self, I could not sell.
I figured to try harder because I wouldn't accept a fail.

In Middle school  you were still looking  cute.
I tried to impress you with my jean jacket suit.
Matching denim jacket as well as pants
But at the graduation you wouldn't give me a dance.

In High school, you were into men and I was still a young boy.
I didn't even care that I would be ya  toy.
I was an athlete so I figured, I'd win.
Wasn't too mad, took the  3rd rejection on the chin.

In College, I'm broke but still got a "jones" for you.
You said, you "wanted a man moving "weight", what the hell do you do"?

After College, I'm paid. My pockets are phat.
Now you wanna speak, damn near breaking ya back.
My attire is laced .You trying to get to my place.
You only had two kids but it shows in ya breast, stomach and neck.
You told me come closer, you wanna give me a peck.

We both move closer and I open my lips to say  one thing to you...
Eh Fatso get a grip I gotta somebody new.

Romantic Poetry by Cinque Brown

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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