I Love Black Republicans!

by Cinque Brown

Many of us, get worked up, when we hear that another brother or sister is a member of the Republican Party. Especially if they admit, that they are Conservative. Famed Historian, John Henrik Clarke asks of them "What is it that you are trying to Conserve?"

Recently (10/27/97)Chris Rock had Black Republican, Julius Ceaser (JC) Watts on his late night HBO comedy show. Rock made a suggestive comment to J.C. Watts about George Clinton and funk concerts. Watts replied "WHO"? The audience went wild, when Watts assured them that he was not joking, when he said that he didn't "know who George Clinton was?" Rock was in disbelief and quickly tried to change the topic before Watts received further embarrassment.

These sort of African-Americans (although they usually prefer to be called "Americans") are garnishing too much of the collective energies of African-Americans in general. This is generally, due to their political idealogies, networking relationships and marriage partners. I SAY, "LEAVE THEM ALONE !!!!!!".

They have the right to freedom of speech and self determination by way of politics. On the other hand, we, do not have the right, to take our "eyes off the prize" and maneuver our energies into a timeless debate with them.

Yes, I realize that nine times out of ten, African-Americans who are Republicans are usually linear in there knowledge of United States policies, think that power concedes without demand and think that Black History started with the advent of Chattel Slavery.

In all due respect, there have always been "House Negroes and Field Negroes". (This paradoxical dynamic may never leave us.) Strangely enough, history has shown, that they usually compliment our relationship with White America whether or not we realize it.

I have heard in contemporary language, a lot of talk about the war which is raging between "Black People and Niggers". The "Niggers" spoken of, are "not necessarily", those who fill the Republican ranks and probably the majority of them, claim to be Democrats. In my opinion they pose a far greater threat to the African-American community. They are rich, poor, "educated", uneducated, Christian, Muslim, Democrat, Republican, liberal and conservative,etc. This portion of our community is larger, more diverse and as a result much harder to "deal with" than the Republican segment of our populace. Many are starting to wonder, if they are a still the minority.

It seems, as if, just like in the Republican scenario, they can demand Amerikkka make the media notice them at will and enter our lives via t.v., radio newspaper , magazine whenever they want.

"Niggers vs Black People" is a more serious matter and has a far greater appeal on a global scale and therefore is worthy of all of our attention, except maybe Ward Connerly.

My chance meetings, with people who are Black and Republican have not always left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Many of them came to their choice because they have always rationalized social and economic problems in a strict black or white context. Since, the Democratic Party has been totally disrespecting, the African-American vote. There are people who have manifested their personal outrage by joining the Republican Army. This is how human pathology usually works , how unfortunate. Black Republicans are still members of the African-American community and assigning them the label of "House Negro" won't make them go away. In fact, Amerikkka prefers using "them" against the masses of black people in a confrontational debate. Just think, hunters have always used dogs (typically hound jokes) to track down foxes and wolves who had run onto their property at night to get the sheep. The dog tracks down, the fox/wolf and the hunter kills him. The dog, wolf and fox are all members of the canine family. The sheep represents the hunter's wealth or livelihood, which he never "intends" to share with the dog, he may throw him some scraps for a job well done, but that, is as big as the reward gets.

When you come to terms with this analogy as representative of our situation. It is a wonder, that more of our people have not gone stark raving crazy , in face of the perilous conditions that we face as a "race" of people in America.

In Science, we don't investigate how wrong something may be. We just take what we know or believe to be the truth and investigate that. If something has shown itself to be disadvantageous to our goal, then we have, no need, to apply the steps of the scientific method to it, to prove how wrong it is for us. We must stop examining Black Republicans and their formats as long as they push the same agendas as White Republicans, that we, totally disagree with. If you agree with that, then you should realize that this dichotomy works both ways.

I Love Black Republicans! by Cinque Brown

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