Lil Kim's Multiplicity- A Teacher's Confession

by Cinque Brown

I lost some of the respect that I have for rapper Chris Parker a.k.a. KRS1. In my mind, KRS1 had always stood tall as a MC with principles. In May of 1998, KRS1 appeared on a New York based radio show called "Street Soldiers". I did not hear all of the show but I tuned in to catch enough of it, to make me say "he is not so principled".

The radio program comes on every Sunday night and is broadcast throughout the whole tri-state area. On this program the host Lisa Evers asked KRS1 about female rapper "Lil Kim".(If you do not know who Lil Kim is, ask your kids for her tape.) To make a long story short, KRS went on to give her "much props" and big kudos. He had no constructive criticism of what she has done and is doing. He called her the GODDESS?!

Basically my interpretation of what he said was that "whatever a person (Black) does to get their money it's legitimate because it represents the balance between good and evil." He went on to say that all of this "physical world is about Money, Power and Respect." To him, she has obtained at least 2/3 of the equation. Therefore he proclaimed her to be the Goddess. This is pseudo philosophical nonsense. He rambled on about how much he respects her and all this other sort of "trivial aegis". He took "industry nepotism" to a new level.

I am glad that not all of the Hip-Hop industries rap artist are "sucking up". Sister Souljah has denounced her lyrics and the technique that she employs to sell records. I understand that Lil Kim said (my words- not hers) that she markets "nefarious sex" because she was molested by her father and uncle when she was younger. These foul men seem to represent the genesis of the problem. Fortunately they are not producing two million records a year. But they should be somewhere producing license plates with orange jumper suits on.

Lil Kim may be a nice person but her pornographic, misogynistic and misanthropic lyrics shock and appall most. Lil Kim's negative influence on young girls is especially disturbing. Sexual promiscuity in young people has been evident in all communities for a very long time. It has existed before Lil Kim was even born but she is the vanguard of this theme for people in urban centers. I am not blaming Lil Kim for all the sexual confusion that young Black and Hispanic girls face but she is a factor which should not be ignored.

Lil Kim's Influence in Secondary Education
(Names changed or omitted to protect the privacy of minors and imbeciles)- Caution: explicit testimony of New York City Schools incidents to follow.

Exhibit A- A tenth grade girl named Debra is caught in the bathroom having sex by a school security officer. The officer opened the door, to see the young girl positioned on top of the young male's phallus with a walkman on. Debra is listening to music, bouncing up and down on the boys penis when she was interrupted. Debra says to the officer "will you close the fucking door ... can't you see that I am fucking this nigga". When Debra was escorted up to the Principal's office the tape in her walkman was found to be Lil Kim.

Exhibit B- A 12 year old girl nicknamed "Lil Kim" is brought in for counseling along with her mother when it is discovered that she has performed oral sex on eleven eighth grade boys and has plans to suck the penises of approximately seventy more males ranging from age 10 to 21. The twelve year old girl had syphilis of the mouth and had passed it on to two of the eighth grade boys.

Exhibit C - A high school boy jumps out of the 2nd floor window, when school security officers hear moans and descend upon him receiving fellatio in a school balcony. The "stranded girl" was asked "what were yall doing" ? Her reply, "getting my Lil Kim on."

Exhibit D - A ninth grade girl drops her bag by accident, while in the midst of students and staff. Some of the contents of the bag spill out on the elevator floor. The contents include at least three condoms. The girl looks around and says "how embarrassing, my Lil Kim packets all on the floor and everything". (At least she is practicing safe sex.)

Exhibit E - A year and a half ago, I required approximately 30 students (aged 13-15) to write down their opinions of Lil Kim. Strangely enough, all the boys felt that she was a negative influence that degraded girls. 1/3 of the girls had not yet made up their minds. The other 1/3 of girls felt that she was bad news and the last 1/3 felt that "she's cool because she is making a lot of money, while at the same time keeping it real".

KRS1 may call her a "Goddess" but to my knowledge he doesn't have a daughter. More significantly he is not in the "trenches with kids everyday". If he were he wouldn't use those words so lightly.

Lil Kim's Multiplicity- A Teacher's Confession by Cinque Brown

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