Excerpts From My Mind

by Cinque Brown

It's amazing, how not much has changed; yet everything has changed. It's a different era with different people but there is nothing new under the sun. We are going in short circles. What you are about to read might not make total sense to you but that's okay. These are simply random thoughts occurring in my mind and they have no order or preferences. It's a classic example of thinking aloud.

What is this I am reading about rapper DMX being arrested in Trinidad and Tobago for using foul language during one of his concerts? Doesn't he know that the ACLU exists only in America? But if its illegal to burn the U.S. flag in America, what's the harm in the fact, that it is illegal to curse and call Black people Niggers in Trinidad. If you know the rules before hand, you can't be surprised when they are enforced.

This reminds me of the news report some years back that detailed how the late rapper, Biggie Smalls (allegedly of Jamaican heritage) was booed and pelted with rocks and bottles after he referred to the West Indian/Caribbean audience as "Niggers and Bitches, oops I mean Niggaz and Bitchez." Its amazing how many Black people in the United States think that this kind of thing is universally accepted in the African Diaspora.

Why do African-Americans continue to celebrate the fourth of July? Don't we realize that we were still enslaved in America at that time? When will we realize that it is "Juneteenth" that denotes our "Emancipation" but we still seem to be waiting for the "Proclamation." Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration of slavery's ending. It dates back to 1865, when Union soldiers, led by Major. General. Gordon Granger, landed in Galveston with news that the war had ended and that all slaves were free? Nobody knows for sure what day it was when this confirmation was given to the slaves. Some believe it was the sixteenth, some say the seventeenth, others the eighteenth but the nineteenth seems to be the day we are all going with but because of the uncertainty we just say Juneteenth to make sure that we don't miss a day. Juneteenth became an official holiday in Texas in 1980. Why is Juneteenth only a federal holiday in Texas

Donít we realize that the section of the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson that denounces slavery was totally removed...for a reason. Right Sally Hemmings.

What's going on, rappers are doing benefit concerts for the families of the victims of Columbine, Colorado.Have they seen these peopleís homes and do they realize that these people are not in need of their financial support. It's almost as backwards as me giving money to a Bill Gates charity. What about they're own communities, which are in ruins and abject poverty. Does it take a media firestorm of adolescent controversy to make them realize that the real tragedies are around the corners from where they grew up and constantly rap about? I don't understand what some of them are trying to prove. Sombedy help me out here...

Just when I thought I knew it all, at least three white rock groups throw charity benefit concerts for Mumia Abu Jamal. God Bless 'em.

They had a Woodstock Concert in Rome, New York the weekend of July 24th.The white kids were "wilding out." Setting automobiles on fire, pushing over sound systems, pelting police with rocks and basically destroying anything within distance of the music. Now can you imagine if that was a rap concert the media would be talking about it forever. Condeming the rappers and their parents. But the Woodstock crowd has gone unscathed by the white media. It must be because the crowd was 98% white. "Its gotta be," the skin color thing. They weren't "rioters" only "concert goers fustrated with the heat".

Why is Foxy Brown on the cover of Essence magazine? A article on her, okay that's cool but the cover? Are there any standards left?

Are there any other important things happening in the news besides the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr.? Or is it a coincidence that his death has coincided with basically a standstill of all other events Nationwide and internationally?

I wonder, am I the only one thinking aloud about "when the f*ck is the United States going to STOP bombing Iraq and killing those people."

Excerpts From My Mind by Cinque Brown

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