by Cherise "Reese" Charleswell

Run your fingers along my scalp
and you will feel wiry curls
that do not lay down and surrender
these corkscrew curls erupt from my scalp
I moisturize them with organic oils,
and creamy butters

The tendrils in my crown
tend to zig-zag
those in the front remain
tightly bound
the nape retains
a looser wave pattern

My hair has movement
split personalities
and thickness
itís like a lionís mane
and like that ferocious feline in the world
it is hard to tame

Subdued by creams and conditioners
it is secretly fragile
gusts of winds
or too many strokes from a brush
and my kinky strands suffer
I protect it like a child --
my braids, buns, & updos 
secured with numerous hairpins

My released crowning glory
is an artful masterpiece
filled with TEXTURE
it is my identity
produced naturally
and adds to my character
I am being completely
when I refer to these
bountiful locks

Texture by Cherise "Reese" Charleswell

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