American Terrorism

by Cherise "Reese" Charleswell

Bombs over Baghdad
War in Afghanistan
Threats of war in Iran
Dirty-handed politics in Libya
Cold War espionage in the Soviet Union
Unprovoked invasion of Grenada
Embargoes against Socialists
Unless they are the Chinese
So, more specifically it is just the
Anti-Imperialist regime
In Cuba
CIA conspiracies 
In El Salvador and Nicaragua
The waging of the War on drugs from
To the Mexican border
Into Texas, Florida, California 
Into the American heartland
The Red, White, & Blue
Where Uncle Sam expects complacency
And ignorance
Out of you
Just so they can wage never ending conflicts
Like the Vietnam War

Possibly enact another draft
Watch the bodies of the young, poor, immigrant,
& marginalized minorities
Return in coffins
As nothing more than collateral damage
Casualties of war
And they will simply fly the flag at half mast
But do nothing more
For the families and communities that supplied
These bodies. These men and women.

They will tell you that Hugo Chavez
Was a dictator
While withholding statistical data
And information that will prove otherwise
But they allow broadcasting companies to form
Where Fox (Faux) News can transmit propaganda
And tell-a-lie-to-your-vision 
Through a standard television
Have you living in fear
Voting against your own self interest
Will have you believing in their false composite
That terrorists only look like this:
Dark complexions
Of a certain religion
Are extremists
All of which look nothing like those who would
Bomb abortion clinics
Who have bombed churches
Set crosses ablaze on front lawns
Slaughter toddlers, pre-schoolers
And grade school children 
Or open fire during a
movie screening

No, those acts shouldn’t be a cause for alarm
Just forget about
The lynch mobs
The bombing of Black Wall Street
The passing out of small pox infected
Or the bodies clad
In crisp modified white sheets

Prior to World War II
The American military industrial complex was already on the rise
Under the guise of defense and humanitarianism 
Yet, the true prize
The point of motivation are profits
The truth –
The United States didn’t enter WWII to help emancipate Jews
Strategetic planning occurred in the Pacific
General MacArthur fleets suffered great losses due to the deliberate
Withholding of key information
An imminent attack
An optimal excuse to go to war
Using nuclear
And producing numerous Japanese causalities

This is the face of American terrorism
For over four centuries
It has not been characterized 
By those with
Dark – Brown skin
It is the face of those who caused the
Trail of Tears
Who entered an elementary school in Sandy Hook Connecticut
It is the sunglasses and hoodie-wearing Unibomber
American Manifest Destiny and Imperialism 

Then, what of the warmongers?
The unprosecuted war criminals?
George Bush
Donald Rumfield
Dick Cheney
Whose wars were even waged against
And caused the collapse of the US economy

All that I’m saying is that
Terrorists look somewhat different to me

American Terrorism by Cherise "Reese" Charleswell

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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