From Within

by Catherinebutterfly

I sit here today alone, lonely, empty, yet so full

today another day that tells me that I have been here before

one day is as a  million year.. yet only God knows my heart  

the thought of me,  in the mind of God in me, have taken form.

He God fitted me with the body that carries me around.

Centuries ago He created me from the rib of man out of the ground

The memory of my birth is so vague,

my intellect creates even more loneliness within me

yet I know that You God gave me the gift of life

yet this gift is not mines, never will I be free to do as I will.


Yes, oh yes the opportunity to make choices the world tells me is mines

but I know better.

if my life does not go in the direction that You God created me to go

then I can not find  favor in Your eyes

My wants and desires must be the Will of You my God

My heart must love You more then life.

My mind must center on Your Will for me


If only I could make others understand the Joy of loving You

having You live within me.

Daily I pray to be one with You as You created me to be..

Daily I will to live,  love and be loved.

yet I am alone, lonely because my brethren does not understand

I see beauty, hear sounds, discern and form opinions,

I cry and I laugh, I experience the thrill of learning

and the joy of sharing that which You God allows me.

Daily I try to  live as You would have me to live

I an now living in the Now,  in this specific time in history

and I am making a print in this sand of time.

I am  a part of a whole, a member of the human race.

Yet I am Spirit as I now live I know I am going to die

I wait this day for the day that You God promise to

wipe all tears from the human eye

I sit here today alone, lonely, empty, yet so filled with

the love and life that can be only lived through You my God

today is another day that tells me that I have been here before

and one day is as a  million year..

From Within by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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