Even the Wise Sometimes Sin

by Catherinebutterfly

Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived.
the things he said, the things he did
using his wisdom as the chosen of God
As a man, like all men, Solomon made
many mistakes in his life as he too broke God's heart. 
Even the wise sometimes sin
being they are only human women and men.
Solomon gave into temptations on many occasions
like the rest of us the Word says to me
Unlike Jesus Christ, Solomon was human like you and me
it helps when I make mistakes to know that even the
wisest man who ever lived also made many mistakes
during his life.
Even the wise sometimes sin
this is the life they was born in.

Solomon looking back over his life,
had all that anyone who lives in this world could ever want,
this wise man tells us with this word over and over and over
again everything is "meaningless."
As he looked back, he realized that in the end
all of the temporal things of this world were exactly that,
meaningless if we choose to live in sin.
Even the wise sometimes sin, being human women and men
only one man walked perfectly until the end.
Only one man did not sin.
As only the wisest man who ever lived could,
in 6 words Solomon summed up what this life is all about,
"Fear God and Keep His Commandments."
and we will live. 
Disobey! and you will find God will not make a deal
read the Word and you will see,the best of men
that served Him and loved Him God did not change
His Word or mind.
God is the same all the time.
Even the Wise Sometimes Sin part two

This may sound like an oversimplification, but it really isn't.
that at all,
the Hebrew word for fear is not the type of fear we have
when we are afraid, but literally means to be in awe,
in reverence.
This should always be our attitude towards God
-awe and reverence as we seek our Loving God
with an open heart and a loving, open mind.
Keeping His commandments refers to obeying the Word of God.
the loving Father who blesses us according to our heart
if we are obedient, we will not find this commandment
very hard if we who claim to love God.
Even the Wise Sometimes Sin part three
If we will but walk the walk,
if we will but talk the talk as the Good Book say
We will do as Christ Jesus in His Word left for us to show us
the way.
if we do this throughout our lives,
"fear God and keep His commandments,
we have found the key to what this life is really all about
since this is the whole duty of man.
We can know God holds us highly and safely in His
Unchanging hands.

Even the Wise Sometimes Sin by Catherinebutterfly

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