Windows of Opportunities

by Catherinebutterfly

Windows of Opportunities open to you
Only for a short period of time
If you but look,
Listen and watch as well as pray
Take heed to what the Good Book Say
Be anxious for nothing,
And for nothing do a rush
Take it to God in prayer
My advice to you,
Place it in the Fatherís hand
And He will see you through,
If not, you might just loose
That which is never lost
That which can not be bought
Donít allow anyone to take control of your mind
If you miss it,
Windows of Opportunities
You may never experience it, in your lifetime.
Moving quickly through this period of time
Donít be surprise
When you feel youíve lost your mind,
Because you are experiencing
Some confusion and turmoil in your life
For everything Son there is a price
But know that you are not the master of your life
As youíd like to believe, you can be deceived
Know, Christ is in control
As He alone paid the price.
Thereís a valuable chance 
Available to you,
If you but do that which you know to doí
Opportunities that can and will lead you
Toward great benefits
If you just have faith and believe, and do not quit
Believe that you have received
But do not ignore it,
When so much can be obtained from it!
And through it
You could find yourself moving from
Disorder and disaster
Toward happiness and unimaginable serenity
If you but take the time to listen to me
You could also find yourself
Attracting much abundance
And much needed peace
Yours for the asking,
Yours for the taking
Because itís your birth right
If you but step up and out in faith,
Know my Son
Theses words are no mistake,
Now pay heed before itís too late.
Know that I wonít always be there for you . . .
To help guide you along this upcoming journey
But God can
God will,
God is
And He will never fail you.
If you just do what you know is right
And if you continue walking alone with Christ
In the light
Get the most out of the opportunities
That is slated to come your way!
As you go before the Father in righteousness
And truth
I tell you son thereís nothing you canít do
Windows of Opportunities!
Yours for the asking
Yours for the taking,
Yours because, they belong to you
Windows of opportunities:
Because you are who you are
Whose you are,
Because you know who you are and whose you are,
Open your mouth,
Power in the tongue
Open your hands
But first, open your heart. 
Trusting and believing in the All Mighty God
All for the asking,
All for the taking,
All for the reaching out and receiving
Because God is and youíre His
Receive NOW Windows of Opportunities

Windows of Opportunities by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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