Sitting Here In The Window Tonight

by Catherinebutterfly

Sitting here in the window tonight

Watching the children standing on the corners

Bring back so many memories.

Back then children didn't gather together on corners to fight

And we didnít have to run in the house to save our lives.


Sitting here all alone, all our children married and gone

I sit thinking of the past something I do often these days

Nights like these come to mind

Of when you and the neighborhood guys stood

On the corners at the end of the block and sung songs

As our parent and us young girls sit and listened so proud


Now when we see young folks gathering on the corners we know

That weíve better head for the door, weíve best to go inside.


Oh my Honey how I miss you.

How I wish you was here with me

To easy the pain ripping at my aching heart


I sometimes look up in the sky and ask God

Why did He have to take you?

And sometimes to be honest I ask Him why He didnít take me too.


Then I dry my eyes and apologize because I know God knows what

Heís doing. And who am I to question Him.

Sometimes I cry more then I talk to Him

And sometimes as I lay crying and talking with God

I wake up to another day

One all bright and shiny

I wake up all refresh and I lift up my voice and sing praises

And give thanksgivings because I know I am blessed.


I know His ways arenít my ways and His time isnít mines

And so here I am longing for what can never again be

Not on this Earth, not in the flesh will there ever again be a You and a Me...

But I hold to the promise that one day, one day we will be together again

There with Christ in eternity.

Sitting Here In The Window Tonight by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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