A Warm Perfect Sunny Day!

by Catherine Whitehead-Butterfly

A warm perfect sunny day

I picked up the boys bikes to take

Them out to play

And enjoy the beauty lying before me

As the children ran and played with glee

I felt God created all this beauty for me.

Godís creation was at its peak of beauty Ė

Flowers blooming, children running and playing

The blue sky so soft and beautiful,

Birds flying here and there

Singing birds every where.

Squirrels running up and down branches

Above the head of the man below,

A day that we would see no more

For everyday is brand new

The walks with God

The talks with God

Might seem the same but are forever new

These are wonderful things I pray to always do.

As I walk I give God Praise for sharing these blessings

With me as I feel the breeze blowing softly on my skin

I know the creation of God and I are friends and kin

Everything connects one way or the other

As I sing into the breezes

Take out my blanket and place it over mother earth

Picnicking with the boys among Mother Earth feels so free

As we chose to sit and lie under the tall green tree

Welcome God! Come on in, have a seat and with us do eat

As I watch the face of the young children who knows nothing

Other than love and how to make great friends

Yes itís another warm and perfect sunny day

Listening to laugher, running, screams as the children

Run to and fro I love to listen to the children play

Lying besides on the blanket that day I gave God

The praise for another wonderful, beautiful sunny day.

A Warm Perfect Sunny Day! by Catherine Whitehead-Butterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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