The Visitors

by Catherinebutterfly

Dedicated to my sister Ethel

Legions visited the Westside neighborhood
Presented themselves as very good.
They preached, they taught, they told tall lies.
They stirred up wars between family and friends.
Describing themselves as loving women and men.

As day care providers, they stood in for mama and papa,,
while they work, walked the children to school,
Laid them down to rest at noon.
They even pretended to teach the children the golden rules.
While given them PhD’s in criminology.
Didn’t charge a thing for their fee,
“The Lord gives freely, as he sent me”.

Many told fortunes of what’s to come. Volunteered in realty estate.
Boy was that a great mistake. Not a one of them was unlearned or dumb.
But the old folks and pastors felt great alarm.
For they became frightening and felt the harm.

Daily they disappeared and went off alone to seek rest.
Not one of the town folks knew where they went.
But the old folks tried to teach them common sense.
While the blind neighborhood kept saying
“Oh Praise God, The Lord have Blessed”.
Everybody thought they were just the best.
Perfect friends and visitors slowly help turn their lives into a mess.

“We’re sent from God to assist” they said.
All the while messing with the hosts and hostesses head.
Slowly the old folks were being found dead
or walking around crazy from fear talking out their minds.
About things their children didn’t want to hear.

Some folks said the sunstrokes had scotched their brain and driving them insane.
But the truth of the matter. They weren’t sick or blind at all.
The old folk’s wisdom and knowledge from the Holy Ghost 
gave them the unction to know the different betwixt the truth and a lie. 
So of course they had to be deemed insane or die.

During Legions visits they deceived many, 
made wrong decisions in business deals, 
left many broken and property all gone. 
So many of the neighborhood folks lost their homes.

Volunteered in nursing homes, gave the sick folks dangerous and high potion meals
Got high off their medicine as they took their pills.
Glad to have them, the staff thought they been blessed with a fantastic deal.
“Angels sent from God”, they said,
day by day the old folks was being found dead..

Presenting themselves as religious groups. Prayed for many that got healed.
It was according to their belief, healing was performed.
The way they acted you would have sworn that the visitors was the son of God.
Cause those neighborhood folks gave them their whole heart.
They Caused blindness, where clarity once lived. 
Deafness and muteness filled the hood.
The neighborhood now blinds with physical affections, 
the body of Christ plagued with infections. 
Joining the law enforcement they send innocent folks to hell. 
And all the young disobedient they sent to jail.
Drove many fiercely, others they led gently.
Led many to commit suicide, as they stood by their side.
The neighborhood folks became darn right tied.
But now so blind they couldn’t see hell standing before their eyes.

Made spouse unreasonably jealous with out a cause.
They now fussed and fought treating each others like a bunch of dogs.
Divorce courts were filled daily with a crowd. 
As they showed them how it was done.
With that old comforting smile, they comforted the divorcées or divorcers.
Legions stay as long as they could.
Placing many in asylums while teaching others how to rob and kill.
While the foolish neighborhood folks though they were a blessing from God.
Couldn’t remember the Word because they hadn’t taken out the time.
That word spoke of the blind leading the blind. 
Or the strong man tearing your house down. 
They loved them and blessed them as they kicked them down. 
Those neighborhood folks bragged about their visitors coming to town.
The neighborhood was destroyed by a fire, after all the insurance had expired.
Cause legions took care of all the bills.
And even left town will their living wills.
The church bells don’t ring no more. 
The doors ain’t been open since they disappeared
The neighborhood is now totally slum, 
and the people are labeled as the Ghetto.
And they ain’t seen the visitors no more.

The Visitors by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1985. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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