The Streets of Uptown

by Catherinebutterfly

Leaders, and the concerned

The winter have come and gone. Spring slipped in,
April showers brought May flowers, but for the homeless
it brought cold, sickness and pain
with all the much needed rain.
As yuppies walk to and fro,
as Condo's going up all around,
we here in Uptown, see Truth as it takes more form.
The Homeless and poor will always be,
build up your buildings and ignore Truth for they are still:
Tossing and turning, screaming and crying
Living in a box A family of five.
On the side of the apartment complex, others down the alley in the park,
in the back of the house dehumanizing places,
Living outside in the rain, Sleet and snow
No walls to shut out the cold No windows to close
Raining no doors to shut the wind out
Huddled close together to keep warm.
Trying not to look too ashamed,
Trying not to be embarrassed about how they look or sound,
Trying to keep out the Alderman's way.
Trying not to be jealousy of those living in a house.
Eyes filled with faraway looks,
Mostly looking down,
Betrayed and unkempt
Dressed in rags,
Infinitely, beautiful under all the filth and insecurity,
I can tell, as these god creatures travel through earthly hell.
Eyes dropped to the ground, cause they know you don't want them around.
Canít trust anyone...
Grabbing desperately for to survive
Holding onto all the dignity they can transform,
Yes changed inside. Huddling together, to keep warm at night.
Praying to a God that he sees them throughout the night.
No clean beds and clothes,
No good food and baths.
Thanks to the shelter simultaneously enraged,
Devastated and terrified Not mush sleep
Living dangerously, Living as they do,
They say is a must
The only way to keep the family together
Pick up the newspaper curse the head of the country,
As he send money to other countries.
To keep them alive,
While citizens here live on the streets,
No jobs, No money... they are told,
Still their country, wonít allow them to live,
Gives unto the third worlds their gold.

Author's comment: "I live where shelters, are everywhere, 
and the Yuppies walks pass, the homeless, 
Ralph Waldo Ellison says it best "the invisible man" 

The Streets of Uptown by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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