Unto The Underground Railroad (Part Three)

by Catherinebutterfly

Part Three

If I could tell the story
Of where we have been
And where we hope to go
I would start with 
The Underground Railroad

And I would tell it real clear
Id rewrite a few books 
And Id tell the truth as the truth was 
Told to me. 
Id make it clear that the young folks would know
It was not a literally railroad 
But a secret network 
That helped our people to escape from slavery. 

Yes I would place it in book form
In video, in DVD.
I would step it up that a child of three
Would know
That it was the intent of God that
The white man let His people go.

That three year old would know 
That slavery was never meant to be
Among human beings meaning me and them
No matter what the history books said before
About color or Negroes.

Id tell them that nigger was just a word
That anger brought on
And how these past few centuries
Niggers are long gone
A nigger is anything be
It black or white
Id tell how one day
The truth came to the light
And all that name 
Calling must come to a close

Id tell how in the good book 
God said wed pay
For every idol word.
That spill from our lips
Id tell how God saves 
And how He operates
Id tell how the truth was hidden in a lie
Id tell them how the truth 
Is coming to the light 
Id tell them this is now the bye and bye.

Id give them scriptures
Id give them the truth
Id even tell them   even if we knew 
God as the white mans God. 
There is only one and He sat us black folks 

I would go into dept
Drawing pictures of the people who aided 
My antecessors making them fugitives 
In the white man society
Those blessed souls 
That helped my people to be free
Some of them were called "conductors," 
While homes and other shelters was used 
As hiding places were called "stations." 
I would tell in my book.
Then Id draw a picture to show them how
I believe it looked.

Id be honest and tell them how
Conductors were both black and white, 
Including former slaves who returned to help 
Others to escape. 
Unlike those to day who move up 
Then on and get away
I would even tell them the history of poor O.J
Some of them when they pull up out of the Ghetto
They move on to a better life.
But those like O.J play the robe of a fool
Id tell them how important it is to stay in school
I would write about as many people as I
Could who is listed as escapees with the help of 
The Underground Railroad 
I pray everyday that the Lord blesses their ancestors
As well as all of those old precious souls.

Yes I would write about them all.
As many that is known even if it took volumes
I would do this thing.
Its time the black children know
From where they came.

They tell me that it is estimates somewhere
Alone 40,000 to 100,000. 
I can see them running,
I can see them hiding.
I can even see that blessed old anointed
White brother and sister
Taking a chance.
I can see the No Respect of person
In full bloom.
I can see my ancestors hiding in the cellar and
In the upper room.
Id paint that picture so clear
The reader would hear with their own ear
Let my people go
It would touch hearts
Give strength
Give hope
For I would offer it up to God
Before and after I write it.
I wouldnt write a thing with out praying
About it.

I would tell them about all those acts of courage. 
Yes I would write it, 
I would paint it, 
I would teach it,
I would preach it. 
All my works would keep the children 
Focuses on the journey to freedom 
And what coming out of slavery might have been like 

I would give them something that would make them
Wanna live.  
I would give them reasons to wanna take a stand
I would give them reasons to stand back 
Look at them selves and say I am a God given, 
Powerful, Blessed man
I was created by God with His own two hands.

With this kind of writing I am sure
That our young folks would leave the corners
And leave the allies for the dogs and cats
They wouldnt want to stand out 
Among all those Ally rats.
I can see them now with their heads held high
I can see them now saying No to getting high
I can see them pouring their alcohol out,
Even before it ever entered their mouth.
If It be Gods Will and I believe it is.
The new history books will be filled
With the Truth about 
The Underground Railroad. 
As it spills out the truth about all those
Blessed courageous black and white souls
That valued Human beings more than
Silver, diamond or Gold.
Those anointed of God that did their part.
That took steps to set our people free.
This is what the future children will 
Read when they pick up a book about History.

Unto The Underground Railroad (Part Three) by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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