The Turkey and the Farmer

by Catherinebutterfly

A turkey sat on a back yard fence
And he sang as he tried to convince
The farmer that he had too much sense
To be placed in a roasting pan on
Thanksgivings day

Right before the farmer eyes
The turkey got off the fence
Grabbed the farmer by the collar and said
To him eye to eye

Tell me brother farmer what will you say
When Jesus comes and ask you why you
Killed his favor bird.?

The farmer scratched his head and said
I'll tell him I killed him out of love

Out of love! the turkey asked in dismay
How is it love when you take my life away?

The farmer picked up his ax
And said with a smack and a clear conscious.
Love for my Sally,
Love for my Sue
Love for my Bobby is the only reason
I am killing you
Itís all done in love because they love turkey too.
Whatís left over we'd make turkey stew.
Then the farmer looked up into the sky
Lord you know why this turkey gutís to die.
Thank you Lord for the food we are about to
Eat. Iíll repent Lord of killing this turkey if
I am wrong. Then he turned to the turkey and said:
turkey know by tomorrow eve youíll belong gone.

The turkey shoot his head and flew over
The gate.
Brother Farmer in pursue
Brother farmer he said youíre making a big mistake
Repent of your desires before itís too late.

To fat, to fine, to fly in the sky
That evening before four the turkey would die
But before he would, he would make one more try
To convince the farmer it wasnít his time to die

Your children may eat well
They might grow big and fine
But when something happen to them
You shall remember this time
Of a turkey speaking to you and pleading
For his life.
A talking turkey with little biddies and a few wives
Now come on brother get it over if you much
But from this day you shall have no good luck

The farmer stepped forward and brought down the ax
When he swung it to kill the turkey to cut off its neck
The animals on the farm all reacted.
They hated to see the old fat turkey go out like that.

The farm animals all gather together and sung out to the Lord
On High. How long are we suppose to sit and
Watch this sad, sad, sad tune.
Another fellow family is about to be come the family meal
How are we to sit here and watch another brother killed?

Before Thanksgiving Day as every holiday one of us service
On the table of the farmer and his wife
Are we only meat for the farmer
And the wolves and foxes that prey?
Or Lord are we to always fear each and every holiday?

The turkeys got to gobbling
Among themselves. They walked and they gobbled throughout
The day. How the farmer without a conscious took the brother away.

The hens had gathered together and said to him.
When they found he was the prey
Honey it would have been easier to have just ran away.
You know how these humans are on Thanksgiving day.
Next holiday me and your children are going to just go away.

Gobble, gobble. Gobble went throughout the barn yard
Letís go sit down for dinner and tomorrow weíd run away.
Christmas is around the corner another human holiday.
Letís wait for the scraping from the human table and give
God the praise for yet another day.

The Turkey and the Farmer by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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