Truth-Seekers, Life-Believers

by Catherinebutterfly

In Dedication to The Bishop Carlton Pearson

The wander of wonders, was thought to be lost. 
Truth they said left home, Truth being Boss
Could never get Loss
If Truth got loss All would be untrue
Meaning Truth could never be Boss
For Truth can never be loss
As curiosity is the true parent of Truth, 
Truth was hidden but can never be loss.
One of these days before we leave this world,
 They'll realize only Christ is my Boss.
As clearly as it is said, 
I am not out of my head
I know that I know, what I know
need I say more, about what I know,
cause you don't know, don't wanna know?
Stepping up to the plate is a Necessity 
can not be redefined, unless I allow you to play with my mind
with all that said we are running out of  Time.
Necessity is the mother of invention, 
so many of us foolishly ask for extensions
when Time is up and it's time to go home
We all must do it alone.
Mama and Papa had to do it
Grandma and Grandpa also done it.
Begging and pleading won't work
As curiosity is the parents of Truth and personal expansion. 
Works with experience in each dimension 
curiosity kept him laid back in detention,
as earlier mention
his way is no new invention
Kept him in trouble in the class of detention
maybe this I shouldn't mention
but it is bad to wonder without knowing,
always wondering, seeking, and desiring to know.
as wonder is a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, 
caused by something beautiful, unexpected, 
unfamiliar, or inexplicable
Seldom do we forget it,
always wondering, desiring yet afraid to seek it
because of the unknown and the fear of new inventions
we are left with so much contention.
To wander is to walk or move in a leisurely, causal or aimless way. 
often followed by discovery that Truth was never far away
To discover is to find, messed with my mind
He knew something was not right
that someone, would get hurt
including himself yet he did what he did
expecting I'd keep quiet
never did he realize the truth would come to the light
so unexpectedly in the course of the search. 
Remember, questions are answers in seed form.
It takes talent to answer them, 
genius to ask them. 
The quest, 
the questions, 
requests and conquests of life never end. 
They are part of the evolution 
of the Self and soul. 
Worthy of much more then silver or gold
Not wanting to be definite, 
just infinite, 
staying in touch with our ageless, spaceless, 
timeless and endless innocent of spirit! 
our best is yet and next to come

Truth-Seekers, Life-Believers by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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