Trust In God

by Catherinebutterfly

    Look around you, and see
    How the fields are ripe for
    Harvesting. John 4:35

    I stood there looking down
    At her face hesitating to
    Do that which needed to be
    I heard the whispering voice
    Say trust in My everlasting arms

    I heard the firm but quiet voice from
    Deep within me, leading me,
    Saying to me,
    CPR you can do,
    Do it now, all is well

    You have to do this,
    And you will
    Do it my way.
    Unto my Father I did obey

    'It is times like these
    That I stay on my knees
    Praying that with me the
    Father is pleased.

    At times,
    Father ask me to do things
    For others as an expression of my trust.
    She was an HIV patient
    Lying before us in the dust
    Needing CPR, there
    Was No protective equipment.
    Lying before us in the dust
    A child of God was in need
    The voice within me
    kept whispering to me
    IN God you trust.

    Taking a stand for what is right
    An opportunity to save the young
    Woman's life.
    I thought not to pray
    But to obey and do what the spirit
    Had to say.

    The Will of the Father I did obey
    Taking my time to get it right,
    In His blessed hands laid my life

    I am never to be to slow
    Nor never to be in a rush
    All in all the things He ask me to
    Do is a must.

    In reflection, here was one
    of those times
    That messes with my mind
    Being a child of Father's
    without intentions
    Of being left behind
    I do what I must do
    I step up, step on,
    leaning on His
    Everlasting arms.

    Knowing that Father will
    see me through.

    Knowing that all things will
    be done within Fathers' time
    not mind's but on time.
    Realizing that God sees all things
    Especially true in situations where
    I lacked confidence or has concerned
    About doing what God asked would make
    Me uncomfortable
    He removes all fear
    Weakness and doubt
    From my mind and heart
    my Father Washes these things out..

    At these times I don't understand what
    Father God is doing or why.
    But I trust in Father God's
    All knowing, wisdom and love any how.
    I know God will give me the strength
    To follow through, to do the things
    He's called me to do.
    No matter what happens.
    In God I trust and God I obey.

Trust In God by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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