The Trees Has Become Your God

by Catherinebutterfly

The trees has become your god
The vine is determining your mood
You who has become a fool
The tobacco now has you under control
You are not the master of your soul.

The trees has become your god
Trees are breaking your heart and purse
But who will pay for your nurse?
When itís broken you down with a lung disease
And cancer of the throat?
You now want to sue for what you say
Someone else did to you.
Cheating and lying is now your new god.

Your pockets are empty as you inhale, exhale
All those dangerous chemicals
That the business man sells
At the time of your puffing you declared all is well
Now look at you.
You want the businessman to pay for that too.
You never own up to what you have done to you
No one is to fault but you.
The trees has become your god

Inhaling your bus fare now that your auto is gone
You didnít pay it, and youíre now all alone
Because your wife done left you before
An evictions notice arrive, inhaling your rent
Because youíve gave up your common sense
Inhaling away your opportunity to life.
Using chemicals are never right.

The trees have become your god.
They are sucking out your life
Helping you to disrespect and reject
The things you know are right.
The trees have become your god.

Itís working full force on your heart
As you huff and puff and you let it in,
Take control my brother,
Take control my sister
The trees are stealing your soul
Because your habits has now got you
Under itís control itís taken and stolen
Your goals.

The trees has become your god
The vine is determining your mood
Instead of being wise you are becoming fools
As it uses determine your mood.
You keep puffing away like a fool

The tobacco now has you under control
As you huff and puff your life away
Always telling yourself youíll stop one day
No longer is it easy to drop or put away
The tobacco has become your god
As you graduate to stronger puffing
With different stuffing, like Mary Jane
Itís driving you insane,
As you add cocaine and rocks killing your brain
Things has gotten to hot
Youíve fail from the top
To the bottom of the plot

Not in hell yet
still you are burning hot
As you roll it, smoke it;
Lace it with substance worst than it
The trees have become your god.

Instead of your subduing the earth
The earth is subduing you.
The plants are controlling you.
The trees, the branches and the vines
Are now your god.
As you put God to the side
I walk away for there is nothing I can do
About the tears in your eyes.
Just go on denying, just go on crying
Let it keep you blind, let it help you in your dying
The trees are now your god

I can't believe that you went back after
The Father set you apart.

You rejected him, you left him and
you said you wanted to go home.
While the Father Jehovah God called you yet His own
These things the devil heard you said
And now you think you are on your own,
No you are on the payment Plan of
The devil who opposes God.
Because you are now a child of the dark
A master without a heart.
The trees have consumed you
Has groomed you
At last they have enslaved you
After the Son had set you free.

Using and boozing, wining, dining
you will never be free.
You allowed the trees to abuse you,
instead of schooling you
And the fruit does not fall far from
the tree.
Yet you cry out what's happening to my offspringís?
The Fifth Generational Curse Does not come
will a Call (cause).
Repent before all is lost.

The Trees Has Become Your God by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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