I Am So Glad (Empty Tomb)

by Catherinebutterfly

I am so glad they found an Empty Tomb
I heard it like a loud echo
as the words filled the room.

Early one Sunday morning
As I sat in Church
I heard the story of Jesus and His love
How the Father had send Him from up above.
The Instructor said He came to die.
All I could say is why? Why? Why?
As tears rolled down my eyes.
I couldnít help it no matter how I tried not to cry

Why would a Father give his son to die?
For folks that donít know Him, like Him
I needed to know why.

They beat Him to the inch of His life
They cursed Him and called Him some Ugly names
As the Instructor told the story all I could see was
An innocent man in pain.

I got up and ran to the little girls room
I cried and I cried until I couldnít cry no more
I had to learn more about the man
The innocent man that hung at Calvary
Could have gotten down instead chose to die for me.

The Sunday morning that He rose
He blessed us all with richest untold
I give God praise for all He does
Gonna do and have done, about to do
As He carries us on.

They found the tomb empty
His wrapping He left behind
Showing He was in no hurry
But a man with a peace of mind.

They sealed His tomb but He could not be contained.
That Sunday morning all they found was His remains

I give God the praise. He came out of that grave
I give God the praise
For all the coming out, have done for me.
Things such as make me free.
Things such as changing my life
Learning how to live a godly life
By giving Him my will allowing Him to live
My life. Dying to self isnít easy at all, but
Giving to Jesus Iíve had no problem at all.
I lived on Death row most of my life
Until I met the Savior Jesus Christ
I am so glad He got up out of that grave
And folks like you and I He did save
So glad for that empty tomb
He it could not consume

I Am So Glad (Empty Tomb) by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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