You Donít Have To Be A Thug (One)

by Catherinebutterfly

You Donít have to be a Thug
If you open your heart to love
Standing on the corners drinking wine
Smoking blunts will get you time.
Black brothers, Black sisters so full of pain
Got no peace, don't use your brain
Donít know when to come out the rain.
Ripping and running like you're insane.
Itís time you take a stand as a woman and man
Itís time you live, learn and take your place
America is your home 
Your fore-parents help build this U.S. of A.
Itís time you step up and filled your space.
And join the human race.

Thinking no one cares
You dare to be foolish
Acting all crazy and childish.
Itís time you stop your selfishness

Pushing dope, smoking pot, 
Slowly you moved on to firing up heroin and taking shots.
All because love, you think you don't got.
Brain dead standing on corners
Selling poison to each other.
Stopping cars,
Passersbyís no education,
Hollering Slang conversations
Black boys, black men,
Standing on the corners knowing 
Youíve got to dodge the man
Black brothers itís time to be strong
You are your worst enemy and youíre doing you wrong.
You need to put down those cell phones
Because I know and you know youíre not calling home.
The cops have tabbed them with each use
How do you think they know what you do?
So many of you end behind bars
Some from selling dope and others from stealing cars
Yet you said you did not get there on your own
Try dropping that foolish beeper and cell phone
Try spending time with your family at home.
Young thugs with your pants hanging down
What makes you think some employer will want you around
Wearing your clothes all dragging the ground?

You are doing these things to take you out
Once in jail you want to lie and shout
I did nothing to anyone but myself
When youíve used, and hurt all that cared
Youíve burned bridges and destroy all 
That loved you and cared 
you did these things all by yourselves.
With your violent tempter and your thieving ways
Keep it up your parents promised and 
Youíre going to jail or an early grave

By using and selling drugs youíre killing your mind
Killing each other off one at a time

I saw your mother standing in the doorway Crying
When she told me you were serving time
In the big house after busting you dropping a dime.
How many times have you gone this route
Trying to score with undercover especially 
When you had your doubts? 

Brothers, sisters love each other
Is all God ask.
I tell you no lies these are facts.

Whereís your strength? Whereís your love?
Whereís your mind?
Ask God to give you your Will back.
Put down the drugs, the alcohol sex and crack
And you might just find a world that you might just like.
And find for you and yours a meaning for life. 

You Donít Have To Be A Thug (One) by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1989. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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