The Bitch

by Catherinebutterfly

To the young boys and girls who don't know what it is and say it anyway.

Bitch? Dog? Woman? Man?
What's a Bitch?  A Female dog? A person of lowliness?

A slang word for a woman or man?
That's what he said.
I turned.
I looked.
I heard and I reacted.
My ears ranged   B...I...T..C...H.. loudly
My brain became clear, my eyes opened and 
Clarity was there.
My heart ached.
The pain was deep.
My pine bended and my feet planted firmly

That's what he called me.  I slowly lifted my head
my eyes burned.  My mouth opened, 
and I knew he didn't understand.
He really didn't understand, what did he mean by
A female dog?
No, she too only gets laid by one.
A man?
I'm not.
A woman he didn't say it gracefully.
He didn't know me.
I stood up, then I turned
looked him in the eyes and said
"Yes, can I help you?"
"Mister, Next time Place Mrs. There.
You see I am the woman whose A---been kicked so much 
until she learned to fight back.
Now I ask you again, that you have finally got 
my attention.
what do you want Mister?"
His mouth opened, his eyes grew big
he walked towards me and stopped in front of
me and said.
"You stupid bitch, You are one stupid,
now I supposed your feelings are hurt?"
we stood face to face.
I smiled.
I looked into misters eyes and I saw his smallness.
I saw his fears and I saw all of his stupidity.

and I understood at last, why he hated me and hadn't love me
he didn't know me, he didn't understand me.
He was was afraid of me.
I was more man then he.
The different between him and me,
He had a d--- and I had a p----.
I took care of mines, including his and he could barely take care of he
Mister got smaller and smaller as he stood before me
"Bitch I said "You got that right.
Only, You forgot the M period, the R. period
and the S period.
I am out of here.  I can't take any more." 
I picked up my coat,
I grabbed my hat,
I smiled, it was pass time to say good bye.
Turned Looked at him and said
"I am not bitch."
I am Mrs. Bitch no wonder we couldn't get alone.

Author's comment:
"The rise and fall of the tongue. Huh!

The Bitch by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1995. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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