The Temple of God

by Catherinebutterfly

The temple of God. Sat within my heart

as Christ lives in me. My body, His Temple

is in Unity,  My temple of is God's.

The sanctuary, this holy place I carry with me

Jesus' death on the cross did bring 

Jesus put an end to animal sacrifices.

No longer do God require this thing

After Jesus gave His life.

Jesus Christ the Living Sacrifices

made it clear that we are temples of God.

"Do you not know that your body

is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you,

whom you have received from God?"
Here in the Word we see

It is True, we are the Temple of God


The temple of God lives within

The Good book speaks out loud and clear

about this things of God voicing how

Christ is alive, and where He is,

where He can be found.

And how we are to treat the temple of God.

Each of us becomes a temple of God's Spirit

as we acknowledge and accept Jesus Christ

Our body, my body, your body the temple of

the Holy Christ we stand boldly, Praising God

for this awesome things His Son Christ has done.

when 'We" accept Jesus' gift of salvation,

He takes center seat, within you and me

as we let Him in, we die, allowing 

ourselves to be true temples of God.

Bless your Temple as it belongs to God

The Temple of God by Catherinebutterfly

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