Slaves In The Ghetto

by Catherinebutterfly

Standing on corners, allies,
school yards and hall ways
Sitting at the dinner tables,
Still a slave.
Not a one is nearly saved.
Ainít heard one word the parents done said.
Lying in mama and daddy bed
Filled with dope, looking all-dead.
Killing in pleasure, the young and the old.
I saw Satan stealing their souls.

Uneducated, educated, weak-minded fools,
Principals, president corruption in the schools
Degrees, diplomas, certificates of all kinds,
Sat idly by as Satan takes over their minds.

I saw Satan smiling as he bind them with chains
Leading them in front and behind, those declared insane.

I saw his servants all around, Walking, talking, dressed well,
cold hearted and cruel but ainít in jail,
Fine cars, beautiful homes, stone cold, no love, no joy empty of God,
Diversity of understanding has ripped out the poor folks heart.

Children killing children, 
lashing out at parents, condemning themselves,
Poor little babies hates the abstract god.
Filled with hate, and unbelief, 
they think of God not Satan as the invisible thief.
Self centered attitudes about love and life.
Everybody indulging outside Christ.

Bowing on their knees ashame to show their face.
Standing on the corners selling dope,
lying in the halls on their backs
selling sex to buy some crack,
the Ghetto, you call it but I know its hell.
Here the forbidden you will find for sale,
here in this ghetto this man made hell.

Promiscuous babies starts at birth ainít got no chance
for purification once they come into this earth.
Two legged devils ripped them apart,
hungering after the forbidden killing
the chosen of God.

So poor us canít pay the rentÖ
living in the parks,
Sleeping on bench,
hallways and grounds.
The ancestors blood screaming and weighting
us down.
Run, run, pray and fast ďainít doing no good,
cause you got no faith,
Your lips just move to save face.Ē
I heard old Satan say.
ďHow can you lie to the God of Grace?Ē
Here in the Ghetto wolves in sheep clothes,

Death is a pleasure and grace is the kill
go to the hit man and pay the bill
Cause each step you take, find you deeper in
Blood in jails, collect in hell.
Drop our of school.
Come on in uneducated fools
Work all your lives on corners in the dark,
go on let your love ones sleep in the parks,
Cause you refuse to let Jehovah God in.
Young and dumb, to foolish to know,
that itís you whose keeping you here in hell,
right here in the Ghetto with all your blind,
self righteous, streetwise educated pals.
Changed one slavery for another.
Different is:
Ghetto slaves kill their own black
sisters and brothers.
here in the Ghetto.
I promise i will get out.

Slaves In The Ghetto by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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