I Am Sister Butterfly!

by Catherinebutterfly

I am Black,
I am Beautiful
I am a Butterfly
my spirit flies, here and there.
it ravels almost everywhere
my physical life on earth
my spiritual life in the invisble ream,
I do not neglect either of them
I compared to the phase of a
"catherpillar and Butterfly"
bound but free.
I honestly believe that if a caterpillar living in the soul
has conciousnes, like man he would be reluctant to die.
leaving behind his attached life under the earth
just as man is attached to his physical life on earth,
But God didn't design the Butterfly to go against his destiny.  
So he do what he must and he's soon become free.

I heard this is because the caterpillar does not know
another new world awaits him after his death
where he can enjoy fragrant flowers and sweet honey.
And jump from nest to nest.

My relationship  between my earthly being and my spirit being 
I compare, to a caterpillar and a butterfly.
their history just do not lie
upon discarding this flesh I have come to know
that the tales I have heard just ain't so.
leaving this flesh behind does not mean eternal separation
from those I love and those who love me,
it only means that I am not  bound but free.
If I could only make them understand the earthly men
were created to communicate freely with spirit men,
just as they do among themselves, 
it would save a lot of our people from going to hell.
If man only knew what beauty 
what a happy place the spirit world is,
they would look forward to the departure from this world
into the next. 
Cause in this one so few have found rest.
Well I am the butterfly
and I do reach near the sky. 
and I am flying rather high.
Not by any earthly means,
but the Holy Spirit keeps me flooding
and I do reach near the sky.

I Am Sister Butterfly! by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1996. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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