Set My People Free (Two)

by Catherinebutterfly

Dedicated to Shakespear1

The only crime my Lord find unforgivable is blasphemy. 
Yet they consider themselves higher than the almighty, 
sentencing our love ones to eternal damnation, 
and we must accept only their collected half truths 
they call solid information.
I give praise for those parents, those husbands and wives 
and those children who were slain before me.
I do not stand at the doors of illusion and fear, 
slavery and deprivation, trauma and poverty; 
the doors of the incarcerated; 
the doors of death row as my fore parent. 
I do not stand at the door without a fight. 
I want my son home. And I want him home last night. 
This stealing human beings to earn their pay just isn't right. 
Itís time we step up step out and take a good look, 
band together and fight the good fight. 
Itís time we brought the Truth forward into the light 
itís time the hidden agenda is brought up front. 
Or soon we all will die. 
Dry your eyes and quit your crying. 
Itís not going to stop our love ones from dying.
I hear you mothers crying, your backs bent, 
brokenhearted and dragged off the battlefield 
by a prison slave industry that does not care 
and is devoid of spiritual morality, 
slowly stealing your sanity. 
But this doesn't have to be. 
If you will band up with me and let us take it to the capital. 
We are the people and we deserve to be heard. 
We deserve answers. No matter who slapped down the gravel.
As I go before the Lord I can only pray 
knowing that He hears me with my heart, 
the truth is all I can say. 
I am here, Lord, replacing every mother, every father, every wife, 
and every child that has fallen by the wayside. 
I am here, Lord, planting seeds of Truth.
Of how it is and how it used to be. 
My people Lord are still not free. Lord, Lord, I am here.Ē

Protesting, fighting, against all the hopelessness 
that squeezes the life out of possible doctors, teachers, 
scientists and community leaders 
entombed in the nightmarish hell of prisons and forgotten. 
By society, but not the love ones they are taken from. 
Oh Lord hear me this day. 
Show me the way to reach out, 
to draw those that will honestly fight beside me. 
Not against me, but with me to set our people free.

Set My People Free (Two) by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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