Eyes That Sees Jesus Christ

by Catherinebutterfly

I looked in the mirror and what did I see
I saw King Jesus looking out at me.
The color of His skin
The shape of His chin
The color of His hair
I do not care.
I just love him.
Talking about Jesus Christ..
By my life and my life alone I affirm that Christ is
"truly God and truly man."
For I decree that it was He holding my hand
He helped me to stand
He helped me in all the things in my life
For me He died and itís me He love
I was soon to learn, the role of Jesus is God-Incarnate 
Came here to liberate the oppressed:
King Jesus I soon learned died and pulled me out of the curse
Then and stood me among the blessed.
Jesus Christ is God himself
Standing in the very depths of human existence
Standing for the sole purpose of striking off the chains of slavery,
Freeing me and all men from ungodly principalities and powers
That hinders our relationship with God.

I looked in the mirror and the mirror stared back at me
The most powerful-ess man I ever did see.
It was Jesus Christ staring back at me.
Jesus is black: was black then
And He will be black when we see Him again.
The 'raceless' American Christ has light skin,
Wavy brown hair, and- wondering, painful, sad blue eyes.
The eyes I saw was eyes of love and that was for sure loving me.
So I picked up my brush and I painted the image standing before me
Black as night was he.
Offense to the man without color said my mother
Trouble is sure to abound.
So you best not show that painting around.
But I showed it any how.
As I invited the Lord to walk with me
I could feel them
I could feel some of their offense
When I paint Him the color I am
Big lips and kinky hair is as offensive to them
As it was for the Pharisees to find him partying with tax-collectors.
But whether my whites brothers and sisters want to hear it or not,
White Jesus Christ is not.
Christ is black, with all of the features so detestable to the white society

Jesus Christ is black people
Itís time you viewed Jesus Christ as black:
"It's very important because you've got a lot of white images of Christ.
Keeping our children from understanding.
Holding them in the dark,
They canít understand the white man God
For In reality, Christ was not white, not European.
That's important to the spiritual consciousness of black people
Living in a ghetto in a white society
In which their lord and savior looks just like people who victimize them.
God is whatever color God needs to be
in order to let people know they're not nobodies, they're some bodies
the Resurrection of the black Jesus - - symbolizes universal freedom for all
Who are bound who have been tossed around...
It is not just a future-oriented hope in a heavenly compensation
For earthly woes.
Rather, it is a hope that focuses on the future in such a way that it prevents
Blacks from tolerating present inequities.  

Eyes That Sees Jesus Christ by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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